Thursday, May 12, 2011

Week 38...Still hanging in there

Now that my parents are back in the continental United States, I am delivering an official eviction notice to the Lion.  Any time now, bud!  And, it does still look like I'll be going early, although it doesn't seem like there was as much progress this week.  Certainly, there are more contractions, even regular ones, but never close enough to mean anything, and they always end up stopping.

And, generally, I'm feeling pretty good.  I wear out quickly, and there's a ton of pressure, and all that, but it's not too bad.  Also, for all the commentary (hmm...hmm...), I still feel like I look pretty good.  Sadly, we did break the 30 pound goal this week, with a 2 lb gain, so I'm up to having gained 31.5, but I still think, at least from the front, I don't look it.

Now, from the side...that's a different story.  I take up the whole doorway.  Sheesh!  But you know what?  And this will make many people hate me, and I may be cursing myself...I still have no stretch marks.  Hoping that status remains the same for the brief time I have left.

Guess I'll answer a few questions:

What was the result of this week's doctor visit?  I am now fully effaced and just about 1 cm dilated.  Moving along.

How do you feel?  Generally pretty good.  I get achy pretty fast, and the swelling is still nuts (which is why under NO circumstances should you be looking at my legs in those photos), but alright.

How's the Lion?  He's run out of room.  No full-out kicks, though he's still moving a TON.  It's just stretching at this point, though.

Are you ready?  Yup!  Mentally there, physically there, we've set up everything...  Just waiting for him to roar his way into the world!

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