Friday, November 8, 2013

The Lion at 29 Months

**Note - I wrote this at least a week ago and didn't realize it didn't publish**

So... This month is actually fairly similar to last month. And I apologize for typos. I'm on a train again, so while that means I have time, it also means typing on a phone. Ugh. 
I say the same, but his behavior is better, and the friend situation seems to be improving. There are so many post 23rd things I want to discuss, but I'll hold off. For behavior, time outs are getting more effective and he will listen and sit at least briefly. Yay!  Less hitting/biting, but more willful disobedience. Mmm. 

He still is music and football crazy and the drum above is part of his Halloween costume. A Penn State Blue Band Drummer. Chris may be influencing things. 

This month my parents really moved here. Robby is getting to do all sorts of cool stuff when they pick him up early in the afternoons. See above. I'm pretty jealous. I believe today they will be swimming. 

Art is a big deal around here, too. He likes cutting, gluing, coloring, and PAINTING. 

I may have lost my mind but I sacrificed a dress shirt and let him paint on canvases with my acrylics. I actually love the one on the bottom right. 

I love when I do get to be involved. Above was a Halloween parade (aka all about the marching band and fire trucks).  Didn't march this year, but he sure thought it was cool. 

Yes, the numbering seems ridiculous. "Almost 2.5", ok?

He's a boy. No way around it. Even Harper will now rough house and play tug with him. Which he LOVES. I love our conversations. I love our morning cuddles (even if Chris is trying to ban him from our bed). And I love my little adventurer. 


Well, this will be fast, but I want it up. Robby went as a drummer in the Penn State Blue band. I was pleased with how it turned out. We saw the parade at his daycare, trick-or-treated briefly at Chris's admin's house, Robby fell and hurt his hand, and we tried to meet some neighbors and weren't so successful. Happy late Halloween!