Thursday, September 19, 2013

Penn State Visit

We went to Penn State almost 2 weeks ago, but with my posting track record that's almost like yesterday. I ended up with the flu and slept in the hotel on Friday while Chris and Robby toured campus. 

Fortunately, I managed to pull it together by Saturday, and we had a great time. Still can't stand posting on my phone, though!  So I'll just say we only made it to half time because Robby was melting down, and that my child is INCREDIBLY obsessed with marching bands. 

He hasn't stopped talking about it since and asks daily if we're going back. Here is a fairly poor video of him singing the fight song. He really does know all the words and sings it all.the.time.  So fun!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Lion at 27 Months

I know, I know. I was going to catch up. Anyway, jumping back a couple weeks to when Robby hit 27 months, and we went next door to our community fair. One of the best things about the new house is living next to a huge park with tons of walking trails. Also, they had a community day with horses, fire trucks, ambulances, helicopters, bounce houses, face painting, etc...all free!  There of course were vendors with food or crafts too, but soooo many kid friendly activities. Robby had a blast, even though he didn't nap that day. 

He's so smart, active, and surprising these days. He's talking very well, though doesn't have his tenses perfect. (For example:  Mommy, where is you?)  He now definitely knows colors, though almost always says red is blue and blue is red. He says the full alphabet, and can identify a few letters on sight. He can consistently count items to 4, but I've heard him recite to 20.  "Why" has started to make an appearance.  

He loves to run, jump, dance, climb. He goes on the "big kid" playground daily, and can climb every slide, do monkey bars with help, climb a rock climbing wall, and a spiral ladder, and hang onto this circular spinny thing and a zip line while I push him.  He just learned to keep his feet up on our neighbor's tire swing and to hang on a regular swing well enough. 

He is OBSESSED with marching bands right now, and spoiler if I ever write about today...his life was made when we saw the blue band at Penn State. He also generally likes music, drumming, and SPORTS. Another positive with the park is getting to watch all the local baseball and soccer. He loves watching the big kids play. 

The new daycare is a mixed bag. We like it, but Robby has had a hard time. He's been acting up and hitting a lot, which he never used to do. Also, he almost never talks about friends and just says he plays with his teachers. It makes me really sad. It doesn't help that they started him in the older 2 class, then just moved all those kids up except him and one other since they were younger. So he was with those kids for 3 weeks, and now new ones. I hope he starts feeling more comfortable soon. 

We'll see if I can ever figure out how to post videos from my phone, because I have some great ones, but...yeah.

Long story short, I still feel like I'm missing out, and feel terrible since he's obviously having some trouble, but he's still a great kid.