Monday, May 2, 2011

Eager to Join In

This past weekend was a record-setting Broad Street Run with some 30,000 runners participating in the 10 mile race.  Amongst the throng was my friend, Kelle, and my neighbor, Laura.  I haven't been able to catch up with Laura yet, but Kelle, even though she was nervous that she was under-prepared, rocked it and beat her goal she had set for herself.  CONGRATS!

Now, I know that I'm not going to be ready to run any races the second that the Lion pops out, but just knowing that that day is coming soon is making me giddy with anticipation.  I'm very ready to get back to some version of "normal".  I'm trying to convince myself that I should be enjoying these last few weeks of closeness, as everyone recommends, but you know what?  I'm too busy looking forward to the closeness of actually MEETING him, and maybe being close while taking a walk with a stroller, or feeding him, or playing with cute little hands, or...lots of other things.

So, when Laura said that we should run a 5k together when I feel up to it, I was ready to jump for joy!  FINALLY, a potential running buddy that lives within a couple doors (who I didn't meet until I was already pregnant).  I also should be making a point of going and finding out if another neighbor is really due within a couple weeks of me, but I only have that on the word of some of the gossipy elderly neighbors, and she does NOT look big enough.  But, running.  I know I'm still a couple months away, but LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!! 


  1. That's a fun goal to look forward to. Just remember though - right now your little guy is really quiet and never ever poops.

    That all changes when he comes out!

  2. when I hear about other people running, it always makes me want to! I'm just not a runner! I bet you are great!

  3. You will be back at it within 6 months I bet! And probably even sooner. How cool to have a running buddy waiting for you too. :)

    I think the hardest thing about the end of pregnancy for me was that feeling of not "normal". I hated not feeling like myself!