Monday, November 17, 2014

Wait, I had a baby?

Oh, I know.  I'm terrible.  What's new.  Turns out that I had a baby 3 weeks ago.  We've been a little bit busy, though.  So, announcing:

8 lbs, 7 oz, 21"
12:01 pm, 10/26/2014

Maggie ended up being 3 days late, so I was getting a little frustrated, but she came exactly when I had predicted she would all along.  I'm good at that, right?  I called Robby, too.  I had always said that I would go into labor on October 25 during the Penn State/Ohio State game, just because it would annoy Chris.  And wouldn't you know?  I had been having contractions on and off for a couple weeks, but they hadn't really gone anywhere.  All they had done was scare us enough that I had started working from home a couple weeks ahead.  That went surprisingly well, though there was frustration with trying to train people remotely.  But that's a story I won't go into here.


So, I had been due on Thursday, and by Saturday, I was annoyed.  I had thrown up that morning, which was a sign with Robby, so I called up my mom, and we walked the 3 mile loop next to my house.  Nothing.  I tried to drink more fluids, since that was a problem last time, and chill out.  The game didn't start until 8, and by around half time, I was getting some pretty consistent contractions, but they weren't strong or painful enough.  And I had already gone through 3 minute apart contractions for hours the week before that I had even called the doctor about...that didn't turn into anything.  So, I took a shower, went back to watching the game.  Things seemed pretty uneventful, and after SUCH a crazy game that should have sent ANYONE into labor...I went to bed around midnight.  At 1:45 am, I woke up to my water breaking.  Poor Chris.  Two babies in a row he gets woken up at 2 am.

We called my mom to come over and watch Robby.  She, being similarly sleep deprived from watching the end of the game, had some trouble waking up, but made it over.  The contractions still were nothing, but we had to go in because I was GBS positive.  We arrived around 2:45, maybe?  I was still only at 1 and figured we were in for the long haul.  Around 7:30, the doctor arrived, and I was still at a 3, but he was going in for a couple c-sections, and said anyone on the hall that wanted epidurals could have them.  I was in.  And seemingly, I was a curse.  With Robby, the hospital had blown up and been insanely busy, and it happened again this time, too, even though we were at a different hospital.

There I was, not feeling a thing, the contractions had never really been bad, but figuring it would be awhile.  (Remember, Robby had been 32 hours of labor.)  They didn't really even check me much, because I assured them it would take forever.  At 11, they checked, and amazingly, I was at an 8.  The nurse said that she bet I would deliver before noon.  I thought she was crazy, but she turned out to be very close to right.  I was complete, and after FOUR MINUTES and only 2 contractions worth of pushing, delivered Miss Mags at 12:01 pm.  Easiest delivery ever.

Robby vs. Maggie

Maggie came out screaming, pink, and perfect.  9/9 apgar.  Everything proceeded so well that we were released the next day.  Then things got crazy.  Pretty much every human and animal in our house had major health issues (highlights: my gallbladder, Maggie's hand).  Maybe I'll discuss more later.  Our furnace had to be replaced.  Our well was off and had to be tested.  We sold a vehicle.  Etc, etc, etc.  The past 3 weeks have been crazy.  Thank goodness she has been a good kid so far.  Robby on the other hand...  Well, he loves his sister.  But, there's another post, as well.