Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Lion at 28 Months

I WILL at least get these monthly posts up.  Though at what age is it ridiculous?  Since they're mostly for my memory, I want to still have them, so...there.  Robby is still a pretty great 2 year old.  Chris might not agree after getting bitten twice tonight, but generally I think it's going well.  Still independent, demanding, willful, but he has been since he was born.  Woah to the teenage years.

We've definitely been having some behavioral issues recently.  He ends up in time out at daycare daily, but they assure us that's normal.  I don't know.  It doesn't seem ok to me that he hits/bites/fights over toys.  I feel so powerless as a working mom that just isn't around that much.  I WISH I felt like I had more influence on him.

On the flip side, he is very perceptive, which means he can either be manipulative or sweet.  He has started telling "stories".  For instance, I came home today, and he told me that Chris had hurt his back when he fell on the floor in the kitchen.  Not true.  Not sure where that's coming from.  He will say, "Daddy's not listening" if we bicker and he notices, but also he out of the blue will say something like, "Daddy, thank you for football.  Fun." after we went to our local high school's game last week.

His best recent comment was when we went apple picking a week ago.  I thought, "Oh, great!  Teachable moment!" And, thinking I was smart, said, "Robby, if apples grow on trees, what else do you think grows on trees?"  Without pause, he answered, "Logs".  Well played, kid, well played.

Physically, he's pretty impressive.  He is coordinated and can do any piece of playground equipment, even if it's meant for older than him.  This includes ladders, being pushed on a big swing (slowly), scarily big slides, etc.  His favorite park activity is running the bases on the baseball field, though.

He is social, but I feel like he's starting to clam up a bit from the truly outgoing boy he used to be.  He does not talk about friends at school nearly as much as he did at the old school, though he talks about his teacher a lot.  He still will talk to strangers, but it usually takes a little prompting.  This might actually be a relief.

MUSIC.  Robby LOVES marching band music and singing.  Most nights during our dog walk, he sings a good 75% of the time.  Usually the Penn State fight song, "Old MacDonald", or "Wheels on the Bus", though he enjoys "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", "Twinkle Twinkle", or "ABC's", as well.  He has also declared that he will be a "drummer man" for Halloween, so I need to get on that.

Eating is still pretty varied.  Some days he pigs out, some days he barely eats.  He is not particularly picky, though he would eat all junk if you let him.  He LOVES lollipops, grapes, carrots and hummus, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bagels, and apples.  But he'll really eat most things most days.  Tonight's dinner was spaghetti with pesto, salad, and bread and butter.  Gorged himself.  Love that this isn't an issue.  Though, maybe sometimes I worry that he eats too MUCH.

I love that he's completely still my little man, even though I'm not around.  He is so excited when I get home, and then is suction cupped to me.  I love that we can now have conversations.  I love that he is smart, funny, creative, and eager to try new things.  I love that he loves to read, sing, and just play.  Generally, I love you, Rob.