Monday, September 15, 2014

Pregnancy Update

In the never-ending saga of completely ignoring the blog, here is my first post in months.  Under the guise of actually doing a few different posts, I will limit this to a pregnancy update.  

Right now, I am 34.5 weeks.  That means that I could go into labor and they wouldn’t stop me.  Woo hoo!  Not that that would be preferable (except for my immediate comfort), but it’s a nice thing to note.  I will continue to admit that this has been a very easy pregnancy, but for the past 5 weeks or so it’s been pretty painful .  Not in any sort of problematic way, but lil girl has dropped, and it’s just getting toward the end.  

I’m starting to have more heartburn issues, as well, which has led to the same thing that happened with Robby…weight loss!  I’m hanging in there at around a 29 pound weight gain, so that makes me pretty happy.  We’ll see if I stay under 30 or not, which was my goal.  Even if I don’t, it shouldn’t be too dramatically different at this point.  

I really haven’t swollen this pregnancy, almost at all.  Just enough that I wear my rings on a chain, but generally I’m pretty good.  My feet have held pretty steady, too, and I’m in the same shoes as pre-preg.  I haven’t really been able to wear pants extensively in some time due to how low she is, so the maternity clothes are a bit different, but again, not dramatically.

This past weekend I had two horrible discoveries: my first stretch mark ever and my first grey hair.  I’ll call them related.  I suppose at 33 and my 2nd pregnancy, that’s not all that bad.  I just would like them to stop there.  That’s realistic, right?  

We’re in pretty good shape, in terms of preparation.  I’ve gotten most of the supplies, washed the clothes, decorated the nursery, all of that.  I have not packed a hospital bag, but I didn’t really until I was in labor last time, either.  

I’m still working full time, and terrifying my co-workers, as I have a 45 minute commute, and am over an hour from the hospital.  I intend to work until I go into labor, so that will be interesting.  I have promised to HIGHLY encourage going into labor the weekend before I am due, so if you see me out running...ha!  I have not really exercised in some time.

So, there ya go.  Quick-ish rundown.  Hopefully I’ll at least update when there’s a baby, right? I'm 35.5. Just going to post without lots of pics.