Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cornhole Boards

In what has become a yearly post, here are our new cornhole boards!  Chris complained that last years were too heavy to easily transport, so one day he up and made them into a work bench, and told me I had to do a new set.  GRRR.  These are not quickly made items.  Then, he did not make them, but convinced a friend that he wanted to do the construction.  The man got off easy.  (He would like it noted that he did the design, a lot of painting, as well as sanding and puttying.  I did all the detail work.)  But here they are after I finished painting them.  Chris is still going to polyurethane them later so they don't wear off.

I'm really starting to feel like I should be making these to sell.  I'm getting pretty darn good at it!  These admittedly are SUBSTANTIALLY lighter, and have a board that slides into the top, rather than legs that screw on and off, so it's just more convenient for transport and have a quicker set up.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letting Loose

Robby's first day of daycare was Monday, and it went pretty much as expected.  He refused to take bottles, had trouble napping, and might have tired out some kind-hearted teachers.  It will improve, I have no doubt.  But on to the true nature of this post.  In an effort to help them out, we have stopped swaddling.

Swaddling had become a bit silly.  Robby would immediately pull his arms out, and occasionally a leg, then flip himself over.  The only thing the swaddler continued to be was a glorified blanket.

While the air conditioning or open windows on cooler nights can make things a BIT chilly, he certainly can do without the extra layer, since like his father, he is a sweaty little man.  And really?  I fear that he'll pull the swaddle up over his face.  So...goodbye.  He was even starting to outgrow this extra-large size, so it was time.

After about a week of this rolling-over-while-sleeping stuff, last night was our trial run.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm kinda tired today.  It did involve a lot of re-inserting of pacifiers, and standing over the crib to see if he was just fussing in his attempt to roll, or fussing because he was waking up.  We survived, though, and I will continue to try this from today on.

The schedule last night?  Robby napped all evening after daycare because he was STARVING and as soon as he had gorged himself, he passed out (waking to feed a couple times).  By STARVING, you have to interpret that in fat-boy terms.  He DID take 3 2-oz bottles at daycare, but blew through another 2 that they had to dispose of because he wouldn't take them.  Fortunately, we suspected that that would be the case, which is why we made the bottles so small to begin with.  See?  We were thinking.  So, really?  Not SO bad.

He finally woke up from his "naps" at 8:10 pm, at which point he got a bath and put on his pj's.  I also started pretending that he was going to go to sleep.  He nursed, and we hung out in his darkened room.  Forever.  Alright, only until about 9:10 when I managed to get him down.

During the night, he 1/2 awoke at 12, we popped the pacifier in a million times until 1 while he rolled, and I half dozed on his futon.  He nursed and had a diaper change at 1.  Fell asleep.  At 3:30, we did the same routine.  An hour of pacifier popping, followed by nursing and diaper change, down at 4:30.  He woke up for the day at 6:50, though he went into the eat/play/nap routine pretty quick.  Really, not all that terrible, but more awake time for ME than I would have liked.  ;)    

"Surviving" Irene

I am not making light of the fact that some of you really did suffer the wrath of Irene.  However, we did not.  While the media had portrayed it to be the end of the world for us, especially after experiencing the earthquake just a couple days before (which, by the way?  I also didn't feel), our experience was quite mundane.  Here is the view out our front door at the end of the rain.

It was a little messy, but nothing that a broom couldn't handle.  Our neighbors' basement did flood, so we went down.  Chris carried up a couple rugs with the husband, while I talked babies with the wife.  Still, they'll be fine after everything gets a chance to dry out.  Their dog was a bit traumatized, though!  She sleeps in the basement, and when the water started to seep into her crate at about 4 am, she might have lost it a bit.

Chris took some pictures of the nearby creek that were a bit more impressive.

And, finally, a video of the rushing stream if you're into that sort of thing.  Unfortunately, you can also hear how many times Chris had to reprimand Harper for harassing the other gawkers.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

There are some unique people out there

Miss M's comment about liking my sister-in-law's dress reminded me of another occurrence during the baptism.  That we encountered Robby's biggest fan, yet again.  Let's just say that my brother's reaction to her was, "You better watch your baby," and...I can't say that I entirely disagree with that assessment.

So according to the unique woman, Sara's dress is "inspirational"....  I mean I like it and all, but...interesting choice of words.  That alone doesn't make her as nutty as we suspect, though.

We live in a small town that used to be the site of a mental hospital that just closed its doors one day and put the patients out on the street.  Literally.  It was quite the scandal.  Now, it's been many years, and I'm not saying that that's definitely the case here, but you be your own judge.

This woman goes to our church.  We see her fairly regularly, but didn't actually know her, or ever speak to her.  The first meeting, Chris was out walking Harper, and she came rushing up to him saying, "How do I get out of here?  I've got to get out of here!"  He tried answering, "Well, downtown's that way", but that didn't seem to satisfy her.

#2.  We were out to breakfast, and she was at the table next to us.  She was either done eating, or not eating anything, and sat there staring our entire meal.  As soon as Chris got up to pay, she came over to me, and started with, "He's so cute!"  Ok, normal.  And then proceeded to inspect his hands and have a lengthy conversation about whether I thought only old people got veins on their hands, and why didn't babies have veins on their hands.  Mmm....k.

#3.  During the baptism (after exuberantly congratulating me), the congregation was going up for communion, but my sister-in-law is not Catholic, so she remained in her seat.  The woman came over to her, and told her about her dress.  Sara smiled, and thanked her.  The woman then said, "Oh Oh Oh!  Do that again!"  Sara, thinking she had lipstick on her teeth or something, smiled, and the woman gasped, "Are those your real teeth?!?!"

#4.  She was at Walgreens yesterday, going car-to-car talking to people when I pulled in...and I admittedly hustled inside, hoping the entire time she wouldn't see me.  I feel a little bad about this.

So...that's the story of our local "unique" woman.  I suppose she's harmless, it just always ends up being a somewhat awkward conversation.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Lion at 3 Months

Growing up so fast!  The Lion is now 3 months old!  And as you can see, the growing has not slowed down one bit.  He continues to be a chunky monkey, and has made great strides for a baby.  As for my best guess...he's weighing in around 15 pounds, now, and wears 6 month clothing, though some of that has been retired.

This month the Lion is becoming a person.  He talks back, laughs, reacts to what's going on around him, and OH does he have opinions.  One day, Chris and Robby were watching some football clips on daddy's laptop (yes, it was as ridiculous as it sounds), and they changed the background music to something hard rock.  You would've thought Robby was being tortured!  The SHRIEK that came out of him!  I guess we do not have a rocker on our hands.

The Lion will happily hold toys now, and bring them up to put in his mouth.  His favorites are a blue bear and his Tigger.  When on the activity mat, he has to be near the penguin or the frog, so that he can grab them.  So far the fur-babies are still safe, and have not had their hair grabbed.

We still aren't rolling over much.  He's done it both back to front and front to back, but it's not consistent.  Tummy time is getting a little less painful, though.  He still cries, but not as much.

Other favorite activities are reading (Green Eggs and Ham is his favorite, and he will talk back animatedly), going for walks in his stroller, STANDING (all day every day), baths, and watching the puppy and kitty.  Oh, and TELEVISION.  BOO!  I always said I wouldn't let my kid watch television.  And you know what?  He will crank his head around like a contortionist to try and see whatever is on.  Bah.

Sleeping and eating are ROUGH right now.  I believe he's in the middle of his 3 month growth spurt, so we never go longer than 2 1/2 hours between feedings.  Even at night.  I am tired.  Please end soon.  But otherwise?  I love my chunker, and am not looking forward to daycare next week!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I still have not pulled off the New Hampshire recap, but that is going to have to wait.  Robby was baptized this weekend!  And in a thoroughly non-lion-like way...he was an angel.  He played before mass, then slept through the service, including getting water poured on his head.  Then, he woke up at the end to take some pictures.  I couldn't have asked for a better behaved child.  Of course, he does this in public, and then screams for us privately.  ;)

Cutest picture ever with his godmother Aunt Sara

Playing before mass

Sleeping through the dunking 

Proud mama

And...all the family pictures.  For once.  We actually took some!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: New Hampshire Edition

Ok, so the 2nd one was up yesterday, and the 3rd and 4th are similar subjects...but I edited everything for once!

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Hampshire Preview

I've been off of blogging, because we took our yearly trip up to my grandparent's house in New Hampshire.  I don't have time for a full post, but here is a glimpse.  More tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trade-Offs of Being at Home

As the time draws near that I will head back into an office, and no longer be working from home, I'm going to try and be negative to prove to myself that being home is just terrible.  Have no fear, I also intend to fail miserably.

1)  I never look particularly attractive.  But...that means I'm comfy!  And having to keep my hair up so that it isn't pulled is EASY.  Such a time saver.

2)  Not only must I juggle work with baby, but the dog does her best to drive me up the wall.  But...I suppose I love my fur-baby.

3)  I might not see people or anything beyond my house all day.  But look at the view from my desk chair!

4)  It makes getting out of the house that much more special.  Wait.  That wasn't negative.  Doh.  I'm having trouble with this, people!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday 5: Most Ridiculous Searches that Landed People Here this Month

I've had some keyword doozies this month.  I can't believe some of the search terms that have led people to this site!  Now, I mean no offense if that's any of you currently reading, but I just had to share.

1)  "Longest version of happy birthday"

I have no idea what I wrote that satisfied that...or why you'd want to know?  Is there someone you really want to make squirm while you drag out the singing?

2) "I am a monster and need to change"

Honestly, I find this kind of scary.  And I also think that the search is somewhat vague.  You'd think someone would search about addiction, or personality disorders, or...I don't know.  I'm speculating.  But just a cure for monster-hood?  Mystifying.

3)  "Joke of Mother Nature (5 pics)"

I know that I wrote about a joke of mother nature.  But in complete opposition to the last search, I find this perplexingly specific.  Not 4 pictures?  Not 6 pictures?  Only 5.

4)  "People who dont look pregnant when they are"

Well, thanks!  That picture was from 26 weeks, I believe.

5)  "Man cave Penn state"

And this one just makes me sad.  Because it's all too true.  Both that I gave in and let my husband have a Penn State man cave...and that the flood destroyed it.  Mother Nature had a GREAT sense of humor on that one.  ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Trials of Being a New Dad

It's rough being a new dad.  Your wife's a little nutty, and yet she's your best resource for what works to calm the kid down.  And you better believe you'll need to know it, because you're most likely to get handed said kid when he's fussy, or everyone's exhausted or, well, just sweltering hot.  

Sometimes Mom has just HAD it by the end of the day, and Dad ends up grilling dinner, while playing with the dog and carrying baby.  Just so Mom can get a shower, and decompress from fussy baby, exhaustion, and stuff she doesn't talk about on the blog.

As a new Dad you have to try and make sure the older "kids" don't feel neglected.

You may not wake up at night, but you work long hours to support everyone, and then come home to a wife that actually wants "adult conversation".  And food.  And every bit of energy you have left.

And will still set you up while you're napping to make you look neglectful... ;)

Love you, Chris!