Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Racing to catch up

I already know that I wish I had kept up on updating about Maggie. I love looking back and seeing where Robby was any given week, but gosh darn it, I'm busy. 

Robby's now a trying 3.5 year old, Maggie's 4 months, I'm working full time, with almost 2 hours of commuting a day, studying for a certification exam, Chris is working crazy hours, and I'm just out of physical therapy for my tailbone (though still in pain). Quite frankly, I just try and keep up with breathing!

Maggie continues to be much calmer than Robby. And more focused. She was sleeping through the night from 9-6 from about month one, though has been waking up 1-3 times a night recently because she doesn't eat as much during the day. I don't really mind, as I see her as little as 15 minutes a couple days a week. She started daycare a couple weeks ago, after being home with my mom for a month. She did well, but only slept half an hour the first day. I'm a little horrified that there are seventeen babies in her room. Ah well

Robby's done well with her, and loves her to pieces...literally. Litte rough. But ok. His behavior is starting to improve again after being bad initially. 

Generally things are good, but they are moving too fast to process. 


Maggie 4 month stats:
14.2 lbs - 50th %
24.5" - 55th %
Head is 100th %. Eek!  Got my big head

Rolls front to back, but gets stuck on her shoulder back to front. 
Can almost sit. She can if you hold her hand. 
LOVES music and watching her brother. 
Some 6 month clothes, some 9 month. Her torso is really long, but her legs are short. 
Goes to bed between 7:30/8, wakes up at 6:30. Recently she's been waking up at the minimum:11, 3:30
She is starting food TODAY. 
Favorite toys: Lambie Wubanub, crinkly book, floor gym, jumper
Me: I have 2 lbs left to lose, but obviously need to work on tone since I haven't been moving. Sitting and breastfeeding is exceedingly painful, but still doing it (and pumping at work.)  I am a little bitter that I can't enjoy the bonding time, as I'm minimally tense, and, at the worst, trying not to cry from the pain. Letting her sleep in my arms is torture. Really, really upsetting. 


So there is my very fast, poorly written post, just so I can remember.