Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Lion!

Yes, it's the post you've all been waiting for!  (Well, and no one more eagerly than me!)  Robert G. P. was born at 2:28am on Monday, May 23.  He weighed in at 8.1 lbs and is 20.5 inches long.   

For those of you who had been trying to figure out the name on the's "Robby".  Which...most of you either got right, or said that it must NOT be "Robbie" since it's only 5 letters.  Yep, we didn't throw that big a surprise at anyone. 

Seeing as this is a semi-pre-written post that I made Chris fill in the blanks, I'll try and get around to a lengthier one with more details, and of course, excessive pictures, soon.  But for now, it's just:

Happy Birthday, Robby!!!


  1. Wahooooo!!!! Congrats to you and Happy Birthday Robby! He is so handsome and I cant wait for more pics and a detailed post. 30.5 inches long?!!? That is one tall baby!

  2. 30.5 inches?! lol I think you meant 20.5 ;) Esp since I saw your fb post hehe. CONGRATS KATIE AND CHRIS!!!!!! I'm DYING to see more pictures! Please post them asap...after you enjoy looking at those adorable fingers and toes.

  3. Congratulations!!! Hope you and the little man are doing well. :)

  4. Congratulations!!

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    Congratulations!! That's so exciting Katy! Enjoy your little man. :D

    bonita of Depict This!
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