Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where have all the helpers gone?

Today is my first day alone with Robby.  I'll have to update later with how it goes.  Last week we had some wonderful grandparents on hand, and Saturday, there will be great-grandparents stopping by, but for now I'm flying solo.

Not that there is all that much anyone else can do when you're breast-feeding.  And with little dude eating every hour, I can't pump, so there's no break.  I've managed two bottles so far, which he happily took from Chris...but then still wanted more, so there was STILL no break.  Lil tired.

And...even Chris is out of the picture.  Not just at work (which he is), but there was an accident.  Sunday he was trying to be helpful and cook dinner, when the knife either slipped out of his hand, or fell, or he doesn't know.  He just knows that one of our largest blades was falling towards Harper, who was laying at his feet, and  his instinctual reaction was to catch the knife.  It split his hand open, and blood was spraying everywhere.  I didn't have anyone to call, so I packed up Robby and drove him to the emergency room.  We ended up leaving him there and coming back later because the germs worried me.

Four stitches later, they are not sure if Chris cut a tendon, so we are waiting to see.  But now, Chris can't even change a diaper or do the dishes.  I'm really gaining even more respect for single moms.  Not to mention, Robby had a rough day yesterday.  Typical newborn stuff, but he was very fussy, refused to be set down, and has only slept about 4 hours in the last 24.  I'm pretty worn.  And, of course, typing this one-handed.

I have managed some amazing one-handed-ness.  My mom was impressed by my cutting a banana for cereal, but psshhh.  That was nothing.  I gave Harper her PILL one-handed last night.  Remember, our EPI mess of a dog can't have treats so it involves prying her jaw open and shoving it down her throat.  I'm not even sure how I did it.

Anyway, wish me luck!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Lion at 1 Week

Y'know...it's really hard to take these size comparison pictures when they can't sit up yet.

The Lion is an extremely advanced baby.  Or maybe I'm just an extremely proud momma.  Either way.  At 1 week old, we are LUCKY.  Which is important because our help (grandparents) has gone home, and we're on our own.  It was so nice to be able to hand him to Grandma at 6am and sneak in just ONE more hour of sleep these past few days.  


Robby's pretty darn active, and seems to at least KINDA get the night vs. day thing at this point.  At night (between about 8:30 pm and 5:30 am) he'll sleep for 3 hour stretches, while during the day, he's still pretty much on his feed-every-hour routine.  And poop after each one.  And stay awake most of the time in between.


It is seriously ridiculous.  He's rolling on his side, easily sucking on his hand, and able to remove and put his pacifier back in all on his own.  He holds his head up pretty well for short periods of time.  None of this is supposed to be happening yet, right?  I think we may be looking at the Lion taking after his mom...as I crawled at 3 months.  We could be in trouble.

Any problems?

We're having a slight issue with a clogged tear duct, but that's no big deal.  Just requires frequent cleaning.  The newborn rash has pretty much been clearing up.  The umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet, but that's pretty normal, too.  So, no problems to worry about, per se.


Eat...poop...sleep...  Y'know, same ole, same ole.  We're on Robby time for now, so I can't say there's much of a schedule to it.  Not thinking about it yet.

First family photo (one day I will try and look decent)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mom's Recovery at 1 Week

***This is in the interest of full disclosure.  You may not want to know about some topics.  Please pay attention to the headers and skip where you want.***

Weight Loss/Body Image

Alright, I look awesome.  I'm not going out in a bikini or anything, but I never thought I'd be this far along this fast.  The swelling's pretty much gone as of about 2 days ago (even my feet!), and the weight is FALLING off.  I have lost 16 of the 30 pounds I ended up gaining, and I have done NOTHING to encourage this.  I continue to lose about 1-2 pounds a DAY and my stomach continues to shrink to the extent that it's a joyful surprise every morning. 

I AM breastfeeding, which must take full credit.  I continue to eat as much as I want, and have no intention of doing otherwise, as I have heard too many horror stories of dieting affecting production.  I am trying to choose healthy options when I'm hungry (e.g. grab a yogurt instead of a candy bar), but am doing nothing else when it comes to my diet.  I am not drinking enough water (shocking, I know), and it really needs to be my focus this week, as I've been very dehydrated and getting headaches.

In the picture, I'm wearing non-maternity, size medium pants (woo!), but... a size XL nursing tank.  SERIOUSLY people.  I have zero problem with the size, but I just continue to wonder what someone who actually IS larger is supposed to wear.  Manufacturers really need to address this.  Stepping off my soapbox.


Again, I am SUPER  lucky.  I haven't even experienced any baby blues.  Exhaustion, yes.  Frustration, yes.  But really?  I'm enjoying our new life!


OK, I'm an ignorant first time mom, but I had assumed that I'd feel like I'd had the most hardcore ab workout ever.  Nope.  Your abs really aren't involved.  This shocked me.  What is sore?  My biceps.  Little man gets heavy!  I'll be rocking some guns soon!


Once again...LUCKY.  Robby latched on the first time in about 30 seconds and is an absolute pig.  He would like to eat pretty much every hour.  Fortunately, there are no production issues, but if I have to complain...the frequency is REALLY tough because it makes things hurt.  A lot.  I've heard it gets better soon.  Hoping. 

Sitting and the Problem with Stitches (***TMI warning***)

Here is where recovery has been really rough.  I am glad to have only pushed for 5 minutes...but it resulted in the need for many stitches.  They are not fun.  They make sitting very difficult.  And they have not healed well.  I ended up with an emergency appointment at the doctor on Friday, where I got an additional medication.  I am OVERJOYED to report that as of today I'm doing much better and am starting to be able to move around.  I look forward to continued improvement. 

Obligatory Cute Baby Picture

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Robby - the long version

If you were lucky enough to receive a text from me, this picture should look familiar.  This would be Robby at only a couple hours old, when he still looked perfect, sans newborn-rash. ;)

***This is very long, and detailed, mostly for my own recollection.  I will attempt to not be gross, though.***

We knew that we were looking at things starting to move and had informed our parents before we decided to go ahead and celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary on Saturday, instead of Sunday.  That turned out to be a very good bet on our part.  We went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse that night as our second celebration.  We had actually gone to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie the night before, just because, well, we were on a holding pattern of "this might be our last night".  On the way home from dinner, I started to get very nauseous, again, and was reprimanding the Lion, because I did not want him to make me throw up an expensive dinner.  Like that was going to work or be any sort of consideration.  

Around 10 pm Saturday night, I started having contractions.  I'm not even sure I mentioned them to Chris, because they had become so routine at that point.  We then went to bed, though  I never actually went to sleep.  The contractions started getting stronger, and more regular, so I got up and decided to do some work, as I suspected I would not be making it into the office on Monday.  Again, good call.  Around 1:30 am, I was really not having much fun, and was just about done with what I wanted to accomplish, so I woke up Chris and told him to start packing up some hospital supplies.  I was running about every 3 minutes, and, at the time, I THOUGHT the contractions were fairly painful.  Hahahahahahaha.  I fought with the intake nurse on the phone who told me they weren't bad enough to come in yet (and she may have been right), but insisted and we made our way (all 3 blocks) over to the hospital.  I WALKED through emergency and up to Labor and Delivery, where they informed me that I was even LESS far along than they had thought in the office.  Only 1 cm, and 70% effaced.  They let me hang around for a couple of hours, but sent me home.  

Sunday was increasingly more unpleasant.  The contractions slowed down to about 10 minutes apart at one point, but never less than that, and were certainly starting to hurt more...and more...and more.  My parents had started the drive from Ohio that morning, and by the time they got to our house around 5 pm, I was not good company, and my language was possibly unfit for a younger audience.  This time, when I called, L&D did not question my opinion that I should come in.  We got to the hospital, where I was unable to make it from the car to the front door without a wheelchair and was scaring other patrons with my screaming.  (For reference, THIS is more like what should be happening when you go in.  Duh.)  However, when we got up to L&D, I was STILL 1 cm.  At least now I was fully effaced.  Thank GOODNESS I landed my favorite doctor on call, and she said that even though it was so early, I was welcome to an epidural if I wanted one, since I obviously was exhausted after 19 hours of continuous labor.  My thoughts of natural childbirth flew out the window with my shaking, convulsing, cursing self taking over.  They jabbed that wonderful needle in my back, broke my water, and we all fully thought things would move along. 

NOPE.  Around 10?  I think?  Chris decided to give up and go get a couple hours of sleep because absolutely nothing had happened.  Nothing.  Still 1 cm.  5 hours later.  We're now at 24 hours for those of you keeping track.  At 10:34, though, Chris got the following text message: "Making me nervous.  On oxygen and my side b/c baby is decelling.  They're prepping in case of c-section."  He said he's never received a message that made him move faster in his life.  He rushed back the 3 blocks and was by my side.  To learn that...WOO HOO, we're at least at 2 cm.    1 am?  We're still only at 5 cm.  They're having me change positions about every 1/2 hour in an attempt to keep the baby's heart rate up, but, unbeknownst to me, I'm next up on the c-section list.  The doctor has to go in for her THIRD emergency c-section of the night, though, and decides that she'll make that call when it wraps up. 

2:15 am.  I had actually fallen 1/2 asleep, and woke up to my body PUSHING.  I FREAKED THE HECK OUT.  I screamed for Chris to go find someone because I was VERY sure that someone who was only 5 cm should NOT be pushing.  And I could.not.stop.  Chris managed to find a nurse, which is a miracle, as they had 2 operating rooms running with c-sections in our tiny, community hospital, that only even has 6 delivery rooms.  She came in, and, miracle of miracles, I was fully dilated, and legitimately pushing!  She grabbed the doctor (Yes, SINGULAR doctor.  Only one in the unit.)  A woman was even left partially sewn up on the operating table.  It was then 2:23 am, and only FIVE MINUTES LATER, at 2:28 am, Robby was born. 

So, while the beginning was long and arduous, the last hour and 1/2 was VERY quick.  What a relief!  It did mean that my parents were still at my house, but that was ok.  I was pleased to not have to endure the many, many additional hours we were anticipating, or the c-section that they were starting to see as likely.  And, even better, while he had given us quite the scare before, Robby was perfect when born.  Screaming his head off, rosy, healthy little boy.  So blessed!

The past couple of days have been tiring, and we had a bit of a scare with a lack of wet diapers, but generally have gone very well.  I'm moving around incredibly well, though I do have a few stitches, and I'm already down 10 pounds, even though I'm still swollen up like a blimp.  I will continue to fill in gaps and give updates as I can, but we're now home to our new normal!  Yay!       

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Lion!

Yes, it's the post you've all been waiting for!  (Well, and no one more eagerly than me!)  Robert G. P. was born at 2:28am on Monday, May 23.  He weighed in at 8.1 lbs and is 20.5 inches long.   

For those of you who had been trying to figure out the name on the wall...it's "Robby".  Which...most of you either got right, or said that it must NOT be "Robbie" since it's only 5 letters.  Yep, we didn't throw that big a surprise at anyone. 

Seeing as this is a semi-pre-written post that I made Chris fill in the blanks, I'll try and get around to a lengthier one with more details, and of course, excessive pictures, soon.  But for now, it's just:

Happy Birthday, Robby!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Anti-Social Cat

This actually happened last week, but I wanted to make sure that I could tell the end of the story and waited to post.  For once, we were so excited.  We were going to have made it a month without going to the vet.  THAT NEVER HAPPENS.  With Harper's EPI, we joke that we should buy stock in our vet's practice.  Harper's not entirely healthy because of the stress of the baby, but she's hanging in there.  We could handle a little blood, digestive issues, and the like.  I know, how crazy is it to think of that as a GOOD month?

Alas, a break from the budget line item "Animals - Medical" was not to be.  Monster's goal in life is to get outside.  To be fair, I adopted him when he was 2, and he had lived outside previously.  He does not understand why he can't go outside now.  It might not be a big deal, other than 1) We've been trying to keep him inside during pregnancy, because being an outdoor cat increases his risk of picking up toxoplasmosis, and 2) Our neighbor "has" 4 cats.  They are somewhat feral and he never brings them inside.  He just feeds them.  There is a gigantic black cat that is NASTY and will pick fights with any other animal in the neighborhood.  This is not an exaggeration.  He apparently even sits outside another neighbor's door and yells at their Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  He's a bully.

This bully caught up with Monster when he got out last week.  Monster is NOT a small cat.  And he usually can stick up for himself quite well.  He's 13 pounds of muscle and claws.  That wasn't enough to stand up to the bully.  He is COVERED in bite wounds and came back limping, barely putting any weight on his front right paw.  One of the bites had landed right in his shoulder joint and was starting to form an abcess. 

I took him over to the vet, where they shaved select spots where the bites were bad, shot him full of antibiotics, and were amazed that they got to see me again before the baby was born.  I'm not joking that these women know me too well.  They gave us Christmas presents, have invited us to private parties, and probably know more details of my life than even I do.  So, they were happy to see me doing well, but they do feel bad that we single-handedly keep the vet practice afloat. 

He still isn't walking perfectly.  It's been about a week, but he's definitely improved.  So, I think we managed to avoid any further need to have bites drained.  Thank goodness!  We love our animals, but they seriously are going to bankrupt us.  Again, not an exaggeration. 

And, of course, this has added to Harper's stress.  She is NOT supposed to be on the bed, but this was the scene when I got out of the shower one day last week.  Her protecting her "Bubba".  It's sweet, but the cat certainly doesn't see it that way.  Drives him nuts.  And I think he's very relieved that within the past couple of days he's finally felt well enough to take swipes at her, and to run away.

Now, this is an order....BOTH OF YOU STAY HEALTHY UNTIL AFTER THE LION'S BORN.  At least.  Please?!?!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

39 Weeks...and all is well

I might be sitting here tearing my hair out if everyone hadn't told me how I'd lose so much of it after the Lion was born.  Joking.  Kinda.  I thought after how much my body had been "prepping" this past week, that I'd have major news to report.  Even the doctor in anesthesia (I had to go pre-register at the hospital) thought he'd see me back there after my ob/gyn appointment.  BUT....BIG NEWS HERE....NOTHING CHANGED.  I am still fully effaced.  His head is still engaged.  The doctors still thought it was a great idea to say, "See?  I'm pushing back and forth on his head!"  Which, by the way, is really, really, painful, and I'd rather they didn't have that bit of fun.  But...still dilated just under a centimeter.  BAH.

I've been feeling pretty good, though, which has led me to rant at my father and co-worker (both male) who said, "That's great!  I hope you keep feeling good."  Um, no.  I want to feel crappy.  I want to meet the lil dude already.  As for stats?  I LOST 2 lbs this week, so we're BACK to a 30 pound gain (woo hoo!), and the blood pressure dropped (again), so it's back to normal, too.  Swelling's still bad, sleeping's still tough, still wearing out quickly.  I enjoy the movement a little more now that the Lion's more confined.  He still has moments where he presses really hard or swiftly in a given spot that doesn't feel so great, but more and more often, I can just play the "what body part is that sticking out of me" game.  He's still an active lil bugger!  That's been a blessing.  I have never had to wonder how he was doing in there, or do a kick count, or monitor the heartrate or anything like that, because he's so obviously enjoying himself!

Below is the same outfit on May 5th (37 weeks) and today (39 weeks).  I'm apparently still growing.  And getting lazier, as my hair is sopping wet today.  Man that's a horrible picture.  What am I thinking?  Oh well.  Here's to hoping this could be my final pregnancy update?  Please?!?! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Weekend - Incredibly exciting or boring?

I don't really have time for an extensive post, but I thought I'd run through what went down this weekend.  Those of you that follow me on twitter have a pretty good clue. 

Friday night, we went over to Tim & Cathy's to ogle Baby Dean and eat some delicious pulled pork.  Cathy made the comment that she hoped it'd put me into labor so she could have a famous labor-inducing recipe.  Ah...foreshadowing.  I had a couple of contractions while I was there, but that's pretty normal.  Cathy was thoroughly entertained by how hard my stomach got, as she had an entirely different birth experience, in that she ended up being induced many weeks after her due date because her body didn't decide to do all of this lovely "prep work" as she put it.  And, as I said, I'd like a little less "prep" and a little more "action".  Ok, I had to steal a picture from Cathy's facebook page because her smiley boy is so friggin adorable right now.  And I'm psyched that he and the Lion will be in the same grade together.

So...Cathy in her infinite wisdom really does have some powerful pulled pork.  Go ask her for her recipe.  Starting at 9:30 pm I was having contractions every 5 minutes.  They were never particularly painful, though.  Just like really bad period cramping, but I could still talk.  Our doctor had said to only call if my water broke, or the contractions got within 2-3 minutes, so...I just sat around at home.  And did not sleep much or well.  And was exhausted.  They kept up this annoying "almost" there habit until 1 pm on Saturday...and then stopped.  GRRR.  Chris was still nervous to leave me alone, and ended up missing our friend's bachelor party that night, though.  Which I feel bad about.  Guess that's not REALLY my fault.     

They've continued to come and go as they had previously, but not consistently since.  Yesterday, I even started to try some of the labor tricks to try and get them to turn into SOMETHING, but was unsuccessful.  Chris, Harper and I walked, I don't know, 3 or 4 miles in Valley Forge Park, I ate my standard 1/2 a pineapple (ok, probably not going to induce labor if I've been doing it the entire pregnancy), and even made some spicy cuban-esque pork for dinner.  Still nutin.  Therefore, this was either a very eventful, or very uneventful weekend depending on your perspective.  At least it finally got me to finish packing the hospital bag.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Week 38...Still hanging in there

Now that my parents are back in the continental United States, I am delivering an official eviction notice to the Lion.  Any time now, bud!  And, it does still look like I'll be going early, although it doesn't seem like there was as much progress this week.  Certainly, there are more contractions, even regular ones, but never close enough to mean anything, and they always end up stopping.

And, generally, I'm feeling pretty good.  I wear out quickly, and there's a ton of pressure, and all that, but it's not too bad.  Also, for all the commentary (hmm...hmm...), I still feel like I look pretty good.  Sadly, we did break the 30 pound goal this week, with a 2 lb gain, so I'm up to having gained 31.5, but I still think, at least from the front, I don't look it.

Now, from the side...that's a different story.  I take up the whole doorway.  Sheesh!  But you know what?  And this will make many people hate me, and I may be cursing myself...I still have no stretch marks.  Hoping that status remains the same for the brief time I have left.

Guess I'll answer a few questions:

What was the result of this week's doctor visit?  I am now fully effaced and just about 1 cm dilated.  Moving along.

How do you feel?  Generally pretty good.  I get achy pretty fast, and the swelling is still nuts (which is why under NO circumstances should you be looking at my legs in those photos), but alright.

How's the Lion?  He's run out of room.  No full-out kicks, though he's still moving a TON.  It's just stretching at this point, though.

Are you ready?  Yup!  Mentally there, physically there, we've set up everything...  Just waiting for him to roar his way into the world!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finished Nursery

A dear friend, who unfortunately is not close enough to have come to see the nursery in person reminded me that I had never put up pictures of the final product.  So I just had to oblige.  Full confession?  I don't love it.  I should not have bought the valences that went along with our "theme" since we had largely thrown the theme out the window (hehe...sorry for the pun), and they were light blue.  Which just doesn't match.  Because I needed to try and work them in, my goal the past couple of weeks has been to add more light blue to the room so that it somehow looks like it was intentional. 

First up, the futon is absolutely still in the room, but not in the niche.  It just worked better to flip what we had originally intended.  And, for now, Chris is winning with a Penn State pillow in full view.

The most boring wall.  It has some pictures that I put together, and the closet door.  Woo!

No, I didn't hang blue squares on the wall.  But that's his name and you just don't get to see that yet.  Sorry.  Big tease.

The infamous niche.  It doesn't actually look this crowded in person, but the picture looks tight.  I'm pretty proud of the shelf on the right wall because it was all of $3 from Goodwill, and I painted it.  The hooks actually alternate in green and blue, but...you can't see it.  Use your imagination.

The pictures.  I bought a random selection of frames from Goodwill (Can you tell that Sara has influenced me with all her crafting?), painted them, and then printed out public domain illustrations from a bunch of old stories.  Matted some.  And hung them up.  I'm pretty pleased.  Here are a few, from Wizard of Oz, Tarzan, and Through the Looking Glass:

There's your quick tour through the Land of the Lion.  Can't wait to bring him home to it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day? What?

So...I talked to my mother-in-law on Mother's Day?  That's pretty much the extent of the excitement.  My mother was out of phone range on a cruise, and I have not come up with what to get her yet.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  And once upon a time, Chris got me a card from the animals on Mother's Day...but not this year.  He did cook breakfast, but I did the day before...  Anyway.  Kind of a bust.  I did a lot of laundry.  Woo.

This is not going to be a great post, since I'm in less than a great mood, so...quick rundown on the weekend.  Friday night I had about one contraction every hour all night.  Enough that I didn't sleep, not enough to count for anything.  They stopped again, though, and I have only had a couple since.

We spent a lot of time walking the dog, playing in streams, and at the dog park.  She is blissfully still exhausted today.  She even played a lot with another DOG on Saturday.  This is rare, ya'll.  She normally is fully content to hang around humans and obsess over balls, but there was another 1 year old female Shepherd named Heidi that seems to be her new BFF.  Hopefully we run into her again because it did WONDERS for burning energy.

And...since I do not have the dog's energy...I'm actually going to go find myself some coffee.   

Thursday, May 5, 2011

37 Weeks and FULL TERM

Look what I learned to do!  I took a picture with a timer!  My face still looks funny, and it's not great quality since my fancy camera has been sent away for repairs AGAIN, but yay!  (Btw, CANON, the possibility that I won't have the camera for my son's birth?  REALLY doesn't make me happy.  And REALLY makes me want to not ever buy a Canon product again.)

I am 37 weeks pregnant, which means that I'm full term, ya'll!  The Lion could come tomorrow and, in theory, he'd be just peachy.  I'm going to ask that he waits until at least next Wednesday, though, so that my parents can get home from their cruise.  That'd just be considerate. 

BUT, we shall see if that happens.  I didn't think things were progressing at all, since I've actually had LESS contractions this week.  I thought my water had broken on Sunday, but I'll just leave it at that I was wrong.  Other than that?  Things had seemed pretty quiet.  So, when I went in for my doctor's appointment yesterday, I told her not to expect much.

You know what?  I was blissfully wrong!  I'm not dialated, but 80% effaced and at 0 station (meaning the head is locked and loaded).  That's actually pretty far along for a first timer!  I think Chris might've felt a little bit like fainting at that point.  But, then the appointment continued with even better news!  1)  I am negative for group B strep.  Woo!  2)  My blood pressure DROPPED by 20 points back to its more normal 100/60.  3)  My weight remained the same for the THIRD WEEK IN A ROW, which means I am still hanging in there at 29.5 pounds, and it looks like I have a chance of sticking with my "gaining less than 30" goal!

Ok, couple questions:

How are you feeling?  Not too bad.  LOTS of lower pressure, so walking's tougher, but not impossible.  The swelling is still around, but at least it's a bit cooler this week. 

How's the Lion?  Seemingly, great.  He still KICKS as much as ever.  Yes, you read that right.  None of that just "pushing" feeling.  Lil dude still full out uses me as a punching bag.  And he is STRONG.  You can see feet popping out.

How are the animals?  Not as good.  Monster's pretty much the same, but Harper has finally figured out that I'm pregnant and is making a brat of herself.  For instance, one night she peed on TWO OUT OF THREE beds in the house.  She just might be a little stressed. 

Alright, I've got to run, but things are looking great, and looking like they're going to happen soon!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Eager to Join In

This past weekend was a record-setting Broad Street Run with some 30,000 runners participating in the 10 mile race.  Amongst the throng was my friend, Kelle, and my neighbor, Laura.  I haven't been able to catch up with Laura yet, but Kelle, even though she was nervous that she was under-prepared, rocked it and beat her goal she had set for herself.  CONGRATS!

Now, I know that I'm not going to be ready to run any races the second that the Lion pops out, but just knowing that that day is coming soon is making me giddy with anticipation.  I'm very ready to get back to some version of "normal".  I'm trying to convince myself that I should be enjoying these last few weeks of closeness, as everyone recommends, but you know what?  I'm too busy looking forward to the closeness of actually MEETING him, and maybe being close while taking a walk with a stroller, or feeding him, or playing with cute little hands, or...lots of other things.

So, when Laura said that we should run a 5k together when I feel up to it, I was ready to jump for joy!  FINALLY, a potential running buddy that lives within a couple doors (who I didn't meet until I was already pregnant).  I also should be making a point of going and finding out if another neighbor is really due within a couple weeks of me, but I only have that on the word of some of the gossipy elderly neighbors, and she does NOT look big enough.  But, running.  I know I'm still a couple months away, but LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!