Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Robby - the long version

If you were lucky enough to receive a text from me, this picture should look familiar.  This would be Robby at only a couple hours old, when he still looked perfect, sans newborn-rash. ;)

***This is very long, and detailed, mostly for my own recollection.  I will attempt to not be gross, though.***

We knew that we were looking at things starting to move and had informed our parents before we decided to go ahead and celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary on Saturday, instead of Sunday.  That turned out to be a very good bet on our part.  We went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse that night as our second celebration.  We had actually gone to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie the night before, just because, well, we were on a holding pattern of "this might be our last night".  On the way home from dinner, I started to get very nauseous, again, and was reprimanding the Lion, because I did not want him to make me throw up an expensive dinner.  Like that was going to work or be any sort of consideration.  

Around 10 pm Saturday night, I started having contractions.  I'm not even sure I mentioned them to Chris, because they had become so routine at that point.  We then went to bed, though  I never actually went to sleep.  The contractions started getting stronger, and more regular, so I got up and decided to do some work, as I suspected I would not be making it into the office on Monday.  Again, good call.  Around 1:30 am, I was really not having much fun, and was just about done with what I wanted to accomplish, so I woke up Chris and told him to start packing up some hospital supplies.  I was running about every 3 minutes, and, at the time, I THOUGHT the contractions were fairly painful.  Hahahahahahaha.  I fought with the intake nurse on the phone who told me they weren't bad enough to come in yet (and she may have been right), but insisted and we made our way (all 3 blocks) over to the hospital.  I WALKED through emergency and up to Labor and Delivery, where they informed me that I was even LESS far along than they had thought in the office.  Only 1 cm, and 70% effaced.  They let me hang around for a couple of hours, but sent me home.  

Sunday was increasingly more unpleasant.  The contractions slowed down to about 10 minutes apart at one point, but never less than that, and were certainly starting to hurt more...and more...and more.  My parents had started the drive from Ohio that morning, and by the time they got to our house around 5 pm, I was not good company, and my language was possibly unfit for a younger audience.  This time, when I called, L&D did not question my opinion that I should come in.  We got to the hospital, where I was unable to make it from the car to the front door without a wheelchair and was scaring other patrons with my screaming.  (For reference, THIS is more like what should be happening when you go in.  Duh.)  However, when we got up to L&D, I was STILL 1 cm.  At least now I was fully effaced.  Thank GOODNESS I landed my favorite doctor on call, and she said that even though it was so early, I was welcome to an epidural if I wanted one, since I obviously was exhausted after 19 hours of continuous labor.  My thoughts of natural childbirth flew out the window with my shaking, convulsing, cursing self taking over.  They jabbed that wonderful needle in my back, broke my water, and we all fully thought things would move along. 

NOPE.  Around 10?  I think?  Chris decided to give up and go get a couple hours of sleep because absolutely nothing had happened.  Nothing.  Still 1 cm.  5 hours later.  We're now at 24 hours for those of you keeping track.  At 10:34, though, Chris got the following text message: "Making me nervous.  On oxygen and my side b/c baby is decelling.  They're prepping in case of c-section."  He said he's never received a message that made him move faster in his life.  He rushed back the 3 blocks and was by my side.  To learn that...WOO HOO, we're at least at 2 cm.    1 am?  We're still only at 5 cm.  They're having me change positions about every 1/2 hour in an attempt to keep the baby's heart rate up, but, unbeknownst to me, I'm next up on the c-section list.  The doctor has to go in for her THIRD emergency c-section of the night, though, and decides that she'll make that call when it wraps up. 

2:15 am.  I had actually fallen 1/2 asleep, and woke up to my body PUSHING.  I FREAKED THE HECK OUT.  I screamed for Chris to go find someone because I was VERY sure that someone who was only 5 cm should NOT be pushing.  And I could.not.stop.  Chris managed to find a nurse, which is a miracle, as they had 2 operating rooms running with c-sections in our tiny, community hospital, that only even has 6 delivery rooms.  She came in, and, miracle of miracles, I was fully dilated, and legitimately pushing!  She grabbed the doctor (Yes, SINGULAR doctor.  Only one in the unit.)  A woman was even left partially sewn up on the operating table.  It was then 2:23 am, and only FIVE MINUTES LATER, at 2:28 am, Robby was born. 

So, while the beginning was long and arduous, the last hour and 1/2 was VERY quick.  What a relief!  It did mean that my parents were still at my house, but that was ok.  I was pleased to not have to endure the many, many additional hours we were anticipating, or the c-section that they were starting to see as likely.  And, even better, while he had given us quite the scare before, Robby was perfect when born.  Screaming his head off, rosy, healthy little boy.  So blessed!

The past couple of days have been tiring, and we had a bit of a scare with a lack of wet diapers, but generally have gone very well.  I'm moving around incredibly well, though I do have a few stitches, and I'm already down 10 pounds, even though I'm still swollen up like a blimp.  I will continue to fill in gaps and give updates as I can, but we're now home to our new normal!  Yay!       


  1. HUGE congrats!!!! And how frustrating it must have been for the slow progress. It was certainly all worth it. He's adorable!

  2. Congrats once again!!!!! You didn't gross me out at all but it takes a lot for me to be grossed out. Hahaha :) Robby is adorable! Trust me, I've seen lots of babies. Good luck in your new role as a mommy!

  3. great recap. Although I want to hear the gorey details (for comparisons sake)

  4. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Wow, crazy ride! I am beginning to wonder if anyone ever has a textbook labor! Lol. Glad to hear you didn't have to have the c-section though Katy. Your little Robby is gorgeous. :D

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  5. That's so wild! I didn't know your body would push without you. I've heard women say they had an irresistible urge to push, but to have your body doing it on it's own? Crazy!

    (I never pushed. Can you tell?)

    I'm jealous that your hospital was so close too. Ours was a 20 minute drive away.

  6. love this post. thanks for sharing! Robby is a handsome little guy!

  7. Katy!!!!!!! Congrats! He is SO BEAUTIFUL! How are things going?! Sorry - Ive been "reading" this post for like a day and half! But now that you have a little bundle around I'm sure you know how that goes. LOL. Your story is amazing! I'm so happy that you didn't end up with a C section - not that there is ANYTHING wrong but I'm glad things ended up the way you wanted to.