Monday, July 14, 2014

On the Road Again

Since I'm on a train, here is your post. 

Robby is 3. In every sense of the word. He can be funny, smart, goofy, sweet...and an unholy terror. This morning, I had to leave at 5am and he got up to say goodbye, move to our bed to sleep with daddy, and then threw a gigantic tantrum when Chris tried to drop him at school later. It's the way it goes. 

NH trip
Cousin love
Lots of fairs
3rd bday

My pregnancy

That's the 24 week pic, but I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow. Generally, it's been a fantastic pregnancy. I'm still feeling really good. I was much less nauseous this round, so I've gained more weight, but still only at 19 lbs. It's ok. 

Going to the gym most days. 

And...we're having a girl!  No name yet. 

2nd pg where a basement flooded, we had to put in French drains, and remodel. At lest we're almost done. Chris has done a TON of work. 

Guess that's a quick rundown of 6 months. Ha!  Maybe I'll do better next time.