Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Weekend - Incredibly exciting or boring?

I don't really have time for an extensive post, but I thought I'd run through what went down this weekend.  Those of you that follow me on twitter have a pretty good clue. 

Friday night, we went over to Tim & Cathy's to ogle Baby Dean and eat some delicious pulled pork.  Cathy made the comment that she hoped it'd put me into labor so she could have a famous labor-inducing recipe.  Ah...foreshadowing.  I had a couple of contractions while I was there, but that's pretty normal.  Cathy was thoroughly entertained by how hard my stomach got, as she had an entirely different birth experience, in that she ended up being induced many weeks after her due date because her body didn't decide to do all of this lovely "prep work" as she put it.  And, as I said, I'd like a little less "prep" and a little more "action".  Ok, I had to steal a picture from Cathy's facebook page because her smiley boy is so friggin adorable right now.  And I'm psyched that he and the Lion will be in the same grade together.

So...Cathy in her infinite wisdom really does have some powerful pulled pork.  Go ask her for her recipe.  Starting at 9:30 pm I was having contractions every 5 minutes.  They were never particularly painful, though.  Just like really bad period cramping, but I could still talk.  Our doctor had said to only call if my water broke, or the contractions got within 2-3 minutes, so...I just sat around at home.  And did not sleep much or well.  And was exhausted.  They kept up this annoying "almost" there habit until 1 pm on Saturday...and then stopped.  GRRR.  Chris was still nervous to leave me alone, and ended up missing our friend's bachelor party that night, though.  Which I feel bad about.  Guess that's not REALLY my fault.     

They've continued to come and go as they had previously, but not consistently since.  Yesterday, I even started to try some of the labor tricks to try and get them to turn into SOMETHING, but was unsuccessful.  Chris, Harper and I walked, I don't know, 3 or 4 miles in Valley Forge Park, I ate my standard 1/2 a pineapple (ok, probably not going to induce labor if I've been doing it the entire pregnancy), and even made some spicy cuban-esque pork for dinner.  Still nutin.  Therefore, this was either a very eventful, or very uneventful weekend depending on your perspective.  At least it finally got me to finish packing the hospital bag.


  1. Are you dilated? Also, they can do a sweep for you. I think I got my first sweep at 39 or 40 weeks but I had NO contractions or practice BH. Another thing I've heard is to pump and then there's the obv - the way you made the baby is the way to get him out :) That one actually is proven to induce labor!

  2. omg. when i saw the picture of the baby on the news feed, i jumped cause i thought you were in labor! ha! i think all of your cramping and BH's are great and your body is prepping! Mine did all of that and I delivered at 39 weeks and 4 days. my water broke too...most disgusting thing EVER! ha you are almost there! hang in there for the last few days and enjoy your time sans baby with Chris!! go get a pedicure too...they say there are pressure points on your feet that may induce labor - and if nothing else, you will have pretty toes when you deliver :D. praying for you!

  3. I had contractions on and off for 3 weeks and still had to be induced, but hopefully I'm just a freak :)

  4. Ugh. That last little bit of pregnancy seems to last FOREVER. Sorry for the night of lost sleep - you need every bit you can get!

  5. I'm so honored that Dean made your blog! If you want to try again, I can try kicking up the tangyness of the bbq sauce!