Monday, May 30, 2011

The Lion at 1 Week

Y''s really hard to take these size comparison pictures when they can't sit up yet.

The Lion is an extremely advanced baby.  Or maybe I'm just an extremely proud momma.  Either way.  At 1 week old, we are LUCKY.  Which is important because our help (grandparents) has gone home, and we're on our own.  It was so nice to be able to hand him to Grandma at 6am and sneak in just ONE more hour of sleep these past few days.  


Robby's pretty darn active, and seems to at least KINDA get the night vs. day thing at this point.  At night (between about 8:30 pm and 5:30 am) he'll sleep for 3 hour stretches, while during the day, he's still pretty much on his feed-every-hour routine.  And poop after each one.  And stay awake most of the time in between.


It is seriously ridiculous.  He's rolling on his side, easily sucking on his hand, and able to remove and put his pacifier back in all on his own.  He holds his head up pretty well for short periods of time.  None of this is supposed to be happening yet, right?  I think we may be looking at the Lion taking after his I crawled at 3 months.  We could be in trouble.

Any problems?

We're having a slight issue with a clogged tear duct, but that's no big deal.  Just requires frequent cleaning.  The newborn rash has pretty much been clearing up.  The umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet, but that's pretty normal, too.  So, no problems to worry about, per se.


Eat...poop...sleep...  Y'know, same ole, same ole.  We're on Robby time for now, so I can't say there's much of a schedule to it.  Not thinking about it yet.

First family photo (one day I will try and look decent)


  1. aw I love the family pic!!!! You guys look SO HAPPY! :) and it sounds like he is WAY ADVANCED!

  2. haha! I love Harper in the photo.

  3. He's so cute!!!

    I didn't even bother trying to prop up my kid. I just laid him on the ground and stood over him to take the photo. Easy peasy.

  4. What a sweet little lion! (The Nittany Lion is cute, too.) Glad to hear everything is going well!