Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finished Nursery

A dear friend, who unfortunately is not close enough to have come to see the nursery in person reminded me that I had never put up pictures of the final product.  So I just had to oblige.  Full confession?  I don't love it.  I should not have bought the valences that went along with our "theme" since we had largely thrown the theme out the window (hehe...sorry for the pun), and they were light blue.  Which just doesn't match.  Because I needed to try and work them in, my goal the past couple of weeks has been to add more light blue to the room so that it somehow looks like it was intentional. 

First up, the futon is absolutely still in the room, but not in the niche.  It just worked better to flip what we had originally intended.  And, for now, Chris is winning with a Penn State pillow in full view.

The most boring wall.  It has some pictures that I put together, and the closet door.  Woo!

No, I didn't hang blue squares on the wall.  But that's his name and you just don't get to see that yet.  Sorry.  Big tease.

The infamous niche.  It doesn't actually look this crowded in person, but the picture looks tight.  I'm pretty proud of the shelf on the right wall because it was all of $3 from Goodwill, and I painted it.  The hooks actually alternate in green and blue, can't see it.  Use your imagination.

The pictures.  I bought a random selection of frames from Goodwill (Can you tell that Sara has influenced me with all her crafting?), painted them, and then printed out public domain illustrations from a bunch of old stories.  Matted some.  And hung them up.  I'm pretty pleased.  Here are a few, from Wizard of Oz, Tarzan, and Through the Looking Glass:

There's your quick tour through the Land of the Lion.  Can't wait to bring him home to it!

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  1. Bwa ha ha... spreading my influence one blog at a time. AW YEAH.

    I love the stripes. Do you have a skirt on the crib? That could be a good place to work in more of the blue.