Sunday, January 31, 2010

Simple Sunday

So, recently, a friend of mine commented that she cracked up at a party when she had two similar conversations in about 5 minutes. Jen walked in, someone complimented the dish she brought, and she said, "Oh, it was so easy!" and listed 3 ingredients. Shortly after, I walked in, got a compliment, and said, "Oh, it was so easy!" and listed about 12. In an effort to prove I can cook without a fully stocked pantry, here's a recipe with 6 ingredients. All of which you should have on hand.

Potato Pancakes

Being of Irish descent, you'd think I know my potato. These are a nod to my in-laws, however. They are 2nd-generation Slovenian-American and KNOW their Eastern European food.
What you need: potato, onion, salt, pepper, oil, and egg

I like my potato to onion ration about 4 to 1. But I like to TASTE the onion. You may want to tone it down.

Peel and quarter your onions and potatoes.

Shred them using a food processor (man, I love these things), or by hand if you aren't equipped.

Step I forgot: Squeeze out the excess liquid. NECESSARY. I had to fudge it later. Put in an egg, and salt and pepper to taste.

Heat oil to medium high.
Make a ball of shredded potato gunk.
Put in hot pan and squish down flat.
Cook for about 4 minutes a side. Make sure there's enough oil for each batch. Dry pan=dry pancakes.
Enjoy! (We like ketchup. I've heard some people do sour cream or applesauce, but ew!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

My (soon-to-be) Husband Rocks Friday

I can't believe Harper was EVER that small!!!! She certainly has exploded since then. She's up to over 40 pounds already!!! But onto more important things...Chris's rocking. This week he rocks for encouraging me to get up, get outside, and play. I'm back on track with exercise, largely because we're always out walking, and he really wanted to join a gym. So, Chris rocks because of his active lifestyle and his encouraging of mine.

Embarassing Confession

I have not bought myself a pillow since I was 20 years old. No one else has, either. My pillow, while the most fabulously comfortable thing EVER, is also very disgusting, and according to studies, about double its weight in dust mites. Which is bad, seeing as I'm allergic to them.

Ode to My Pillow
My head settles softly on your tender back
Sent floating gently to dreams
Although the hours I spend may lack
With you, that's not how it seems
I can always enjoy time in the sack.

I bought you long ago in Eire
A spontaneous purchase one day
On the way from downtown play
Now you're the curtain dress from O'Hara.

Ok, that was terrible. I tried. Here's a picture of the sad little has-been. Kinda. They're both Wamsuttas. Mine's scuzzier.
Alright, pillow. This is where we must part. I'm going to get a new one this weekend so that I can breathe again. I'm sorry. The end.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrity Look-Alikes

Alright, so it's doppelganger week over on Facebook, and honestly, I don't look so much like any celebrity. I can wish, but it doesn't make it true. Here are some I've heard. Some...are better than others...

This is my favorite. Bette Davis. She's an incredible actress, and I was immensely flattered when a teacher commented on this. I think it's the eyes, actually, and not just because I have the song in my head.

This one...I don't get. Natasha Richardson. My friend swears by it, though. Sure, Matt. continues the trend of deceased actresses. She also was very talented, so at least that's good.

This probably the closest match. Yes, I voted for John Kerry, but don't know if I'd choose to look exactly like his daughter, Alexandra. So be it. Who do you look like?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oh swimming. How I have missed you. Obviously, since I have now gotten to the gym at 5:30 am TWO days in a row without dragging my feet. Too much. It helps that Harper whines about 5 to go out anyway, so I can walk her, put her back in her crate, and take off. The ridiculously early time is so that Chris can still get ready for work puppy-free after I get home.

I swam competitively during the summers, water polo in high school, some in college, and some in law school, but then continued to swim a bit just for exercise. "Back in the day" about 8 years ago (man, time flies), I worked at a daycare at a gym. Almost every day after work, I would throw on my suit and swim a mile. And think nothing of it. Now, being a daycare provider really is one of the MOST physically demanding jobs out there. Don't be deceived by cute little faces. You are running around, playing games, lifting little bodies, etc... So to still want to swim 72 laps every day is a little bit nuts.

HOWEVER, the last time I seriously swam was with water polo in law school, so...3.5 years? So getting back into it has been ROUGH. I've only been doing about 30 laps at a pop, and oh, I'm feeling it. Fortunately, I can still barely squeeze into the old racing suits, but had to get a new cap and goggles. Highly recommend the Speedo Women's Vanquisher. They're great, though a PAIN IN THE BUTT to change the nose piece. It does not just "snap in", Speedo. They do work like a dream, though. Here's to using them every day for a long time to come!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

Well, yes, the weather is horrific right now, but this is really a post about washing pets. Ours? Don't like it. Don't like it ONE bit. Both of them think that this has got to be just about the most inhumane thing ever created by man and will claw, bite, squeal, and do anything and everything to get out of the tub.

Even worse? The flexible shower nozzle. Wonderful for us, but apparently a snake-like object that spits water at high velocity is not exactly how Monster and Harper would spend a lazy afternoon.

Harper's new buddy Rory

Currently, Harper could probably use another bath. We met up with Adrienne and Jamie and their Australian Shepherd puppy, Rory. This was WONDERFUL. Harper has been passed out ever since. However, Rory and Harper did have WAY too much fun digging and rolling in the dirt.

Why is this a problem? Chris has given the last 2 baths to Harper and feels it is my turn. Ok, maybe. BUT, I gave the last 2 baths to MONSTER. And, really, I don't care if the dog's bad, there is NOTHING that compares to giving a 15-lb cat a bath.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My (soon-to-be) Husband Rocks Friday

Alright, so I only ever do posts on Fridays. Gonna improve. I swear.

In case you didn't notice...that's not Chris. That's one of his groomsmen. Tim. I would like to thank Chris for introducing me to some fabulous friends since I moved to Philly and knew no one. Even if it does cause us to take silly, terrible pictures together.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My (soon-to-be) Husband Rocks Friday

Ok, so I missed a few. I was injured, and then was lazy. In case you didn't know, this is Chris's "thank you" face. It's an imitation of Dave. Shocking.
But "thank you" Chris for all your help when I WAS injured. Harper decided to bite my eye when I was cleaning the floor, and I was laid up with a torn cornea for a few days over Christmas when our families were here. Chris took care of the dog, made the ENTIRE Christmas dinner on his own (wouldn't even let the moms in the kitchen), and just generally took over. He rocks because he sure can step up to the plate.