Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Rundown

Pictures will be up later today, but HUGE thanks to: Tim, Random Dude, Mike, Matt, Kyle, Kelle, Amy and Jen!!!

Random Dude was named Pat. He walked in asking if this was the moving party. Well, yes, but who are you? He's from God's Hysterics, duh... Um... Random Dude, while very nice, was supposed to be moving someone else in the apartment complex. Bye, Random Dude.

Accomplished items since we last spoke:
- Master has 1 coat of paint (still needs another)
- Lined about 1/2 the kitchen cabinets, put more of the sticky little bumper things on them
- Cleaned/rectified enough of the upper bath that it's semi-usable until we renovate it
- Chimney and roof are both progressing
- Some stuff has been put away, but we're still living with a lot of boxes
- AND the washer died. Totally. Kaput. Currently shopping for a new one. Sigh...

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