Friday, July 10, 2009

Our version of Easter

I just ran across another blog, discussing their crazy Easter egg hunt, and I truly believe that no one can out-do ours... I regularly kick butt, and make upwards of $75. You have to understand, while some of these eggs hold candy or change, some hold up to $20. Unfortunately, at least one of the $20 is usually sunk at the bottom of the pool, and since I have to drive some ways afterwards, I don't usually go for THAT egg. Also, what is crazy, is that more than one of these participants is or was a college athlete. (Including myself. Water-polo. Real sport.) However, I am SUBSTANTIALLY smaller than everyone else. Not in weight (at least not anymore), but in height. Bobby's got about a foot and 1/2 on me. I'm the little one in the purple 1-strap tank. This was our "ghetto" year. We wrote all sorts of fun slogans on our bodies. Yes, mine says, "Two schools smarter." We're a little proud of our institutions of higher learning, can you tell? I hope it happens again this year. It hasn't since Jim and Sara moved away from NC and her parents. We need more 20-somethings running around like fools while I'm still a 20-something!!!

See some other people (also named Katie and Chris) who participate in such mature activities.

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