Thursday, July 16, 2009

Change in diet

So, here's the irony...I've been pestering Chris for awhile that I've wanted to be a vegetarian again. We've tried limiting the number of meat meals, and recently agreed that I would eat poultry and fish around him, but limit it otherwise. I also am lactose intolerant, so I eat limited dairy. I am not overweight. I am active. I eat Cheerios every day. I don't have a sweet tooth. All that being said...I just found out I have high cholesterol. Damn you family history! I have an even better reason to go vegetarian. And to knock off the 10 lbs I've been meaning to lose forever. (While not overweight, I am at the upper end of the recommended range. Plus, want to look good in the wedding dress I just bought!!!) Therefore, the battle begins. In the past, I have lost the war to wonderful things like BACON. I know my cousin, Peter, is a big fan of the fake stuff, so we'll see.

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