Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Now that we are TWO DAYS away from moving in, you might think I'm close to regaining my sanity...and you'd be wrong. We're moving towards having a renovated house, but not quite done. Since last update, we've accomplished the following:

- Touch ups on blue man cave trim
- Master is primed, and trimmed out in the color
- Cleaning has started
- Chimney is started
- Roof is started
- More things are getting moved from the apartment

However, as we get closer to renovation bliss, we get closer to d-day. And by that, I mean decorating. Having spent most of our money, I am looking for inexpensive ideas.

For instance, this mantle by Lucas Allen is beautiful. I love the paper butterflies. I may try and recreate something like them in a wall-hanging.

However, for now, I'll worry about furniture placement. Doesn't cost a thing!

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