Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mountains of Money

Now it comes as a shock to no one, including us, that houses are expensive. But how QUICKLY they become expensive has been a little daunting. Of course there's the mortgage, and the utilities, and the insurance, and all that. And there's the little things, like realizing you need a different kind of light bulb to relight your dining room. Then there's the slightly bigger, but equally anticipated renovations, like painting, and door repairs, and stain, and handles, etc... BUT, what has started to kill us is the stuff that has pushed its way up the priority list. Did we plan on eventually renovating the bathroom? Yes. Did we think it would be now before we realized the drywall was shot, and the wrong type was installed to begin with? Not so much. Did we plan on buying a washer and dryer? Yes. Did we mistakenly think they were on the home warranty? Yes. Did we have to buy them last night because the washer has entirely quit working? Yes. Then, to not feel left out, our little appliances have been dying. And not the microwaves. Oh, no, they know we have 3 of them, they're replaceable. My blow dryer, Chris's alarm clock? Yeah, dead.

It's still a great process, and we'll work through it, but if the coffee pot goes on strike? I'm out. Oh wait, we have 2 of those, too. I win, Mr. Coffee!

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