Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't Sleep and Renovate

So, I may have pushed myself too far. Aside from just getting cranky, my exhaustion has caused more than a few mishaps.

Two days ago, when trying to finish the family room's second coat, there was a ladder-meets-fan incident that I hinted at. I was moving the ladder, the fan was on, it hit the ladder, and the blade went flying across the room. Not pretty. Good thing we were planning on replacing it anyway.

Yesterday, my hot streak continued. Small issues, like dabs of paint where they shouldn't be, but then I managed to WHACK my head on the miter saw when bending for a paint can. Still hurts nicely today.

Next, when returning from the grocery after reno work, I confused the gas and the brake. Yeah, brilliant. Rammed the car into the parking block, and busted part of the bumper. Hasn't fallen off yet. Thank God.

Finally, after fighting with Chris because "I shouldn't be tired" according to him, ...umm..., I curled up with a book in bed at like 8pm. Then proceeded to puke my guts out. But will I be back tonight to do more? You betcha.

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