Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventures in Renovation was a very long, yet very productive weekend. We put in two very full days and had a WONDERFUL crew of 3 extra people helping us out. And there was very little arm twisting. Two of them even showed up two days in a row! We have taken lots of pictures of the current status, and those will be uploaded later today (hopefully).

The most exciting part involved an "I told you so moment." I really dislike hot feet. REALLY...DISLIKE. Therefore, I am not a fan of working in sneakers. Yeah, I know, it's a construction site, and there is all sorts of crud on the floor, but my feet are tough. Right?!?! Anyway, my feet weren't the problem. I stepped into the kitchen, onto a wet floor, in flip-flops and WIPED out. No graceful Gene Kelley kind of choreographed fall, either. Smack. Boom. Arm right into the railing leading down the stairs into the bathroom. Chris walked in to see me writhing in pain on the floor, and, to his credit, did ask me how I was before telling me I shouldn't be wearing flip-flops. Fortunately, no broken arm, no trip to the emergency room, any of that. Just a pretty bruise.

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