Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Weekends for the Price of One

Since I failed to post last weekend's activities, too, here is a quick rundown of not one, but TWO weekends.

Two weekends ago we were incredibly busy.  We drove to State College to meet up with my parents, expose Robby to Penn State's campus for the first time where he could see it (I was pregnant last time I visited), and drop off Chris and my dad to watch the game.

After my mom and I left State College, Chris and my dad watched a game:

And my mom, the Lion, and I went to a sports bar in Rochester, NY where my cousin was holding his rehearsal dinner:

Robby was obviously the life of the party.

The next day, all of us were there for the wedding:

Everyone pictured was a relative.  Like the big group walking to the church?  Lots o' cousins.

Oh, we also inherited the family chair for the time being:

...And this weekend?  Not much happening.  We watched football, did chores, walked in Valley Forge.  Typical weekend stuff.

So, there's your picture-heavy, word-light recap.  The end.  :)

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  1. Robby's first trip to State College -- Yay! We still need to get a photo of Sam on the Lion :)