Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our "free" headboard

This past week, while we were taking our nightly dog and stroller walk, we came across a headboard and bed frame on the side of the road labelled "free".  Not one to ever pass up a deal, I sent Chris back with a car to pick it up while I gave lil man his bath.  Chris says I owe him.

It turns out that a neighbor had put the bed frame in front of this house because it had a fire hydrant to lean it on, and the owner of the house came running out to yell at Chris when he stopped to pick it up.  He thought that Chris was LEAVING the bed frame in his yard.  Much confusion ensued...but we got our frame.

It's nothing fancy, fairly unattractive even, and has a crack and some missing screws, but nothing us DIY gurus (ha) can't handle.  Chris re-did some of the pieces by taking them apart, wood-gluing, and tacking them back in, and we ended up with a solid frame.  Then it was my turn.

It was covered in light wood laminate.  Ew.  Alright, not TERRIBLE, but our house is all dark wood, and...ya'll...LAMINATE.  So I decided to get some paint.  After a lovely trip to Sherwin Williams where I had a long chat with their VERY pregnant associate, Amanda, who was due any day, I came home to paint.  Amanda looked startled and relieved when I said I had a four month old.  She sputtered..."A four month old, you look great!"  Ok, major ego boost, and I was glad that she seemed so relieved that it was possible.

Back to the headboard.  Nothing fancy here.  I primed, painted (two coats), and then we assembled it.  We need to add some slats because it isn't supporting the bed particularly well, but it really almost makes it look like we have a decorated bedroom!  See?  Isn't it lovely?  Yes, you are seeing 98% of the room.  It is TINY.  There are two dressers crammed in there that you can't see, but I haven't painted them yet, so they're hiding.  ;)    It's nice to be able to get some projects done now, even if they mostly are accomplished after the Lion goes to sleep at night.  At the expense of my sleep.  Oh well.

(I somehow lost my in-progress photos.  Pretty frustrated about that.)

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  1. Great find!!! You did a great job on it!!

    Oh and I love you cat. I have a long haired one named Tails.