Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Lion at 5 Months

Wow!  We'll have to be throwing his 1/2 birthday next month already!  Maybe he'll be able to wear the "I'm 1 year old" clothes, then.  Anyone else find it odd that they only sell those in 12 month sizes?  I can't be the only one that's going to have trouble with that...  The Lion is ROARING in at 17 pounds, 8 ounces, and 27 inches.  That puts him around 80th percentile for length, and 70th percentile for weight.  He DOES seem to be slowing down a bit, though.  It still means that we've moved into 9 month clothing.

Taking pictures is getting more and more difficult, because lil man has more and more ideas of what HE wants to be doing and where HE wants to be going.  I'm glad that I have a kid with a mind of his own, but sometimes?  We just want a lemming.  Y'know?  ;)  Here is the famous "face attack".  Be careful, or you'll lose a lip to this one. 

And he can sit up against things, and for brief periods of time if he's leaning forward, but the transition?  Lil rough.  Mom to the rescue.  Feet are just too interesting.

And as soon as I fix him, he just wants to be on the move again.  We are CLOSE to both crawling and walking.  It's a debate which will happen first.  This past month he started rolling to where he wanted to go, and now his PREFERENCE is to have you hold his hands and let him walk there.  Otherwise, he'll roll or has recently started scooting.  He can get up on his hands and knees, but there is no coordinated effort on moving them, yet.  I'll give it a couple weeks tops.

Mentally, it's so fun because you can see the wheels turning.  He catches sight of the goal (the stuffed horse), he decides on the methodology (roll to stomach, scoot), he picks it up, and rolls back over to play/shove it in his mouth.  It's a multi-stage adventure, now.  

He's still using pretty much the same vowels and consonants, but not in words yet.  The funny thing vocally is now he not only loves to be sang to, but he'll sing along.  And sometimes will sing on his own and try and get you to join in.  I can't say much for his pitch yet, but it's pretty cute.  His favorite song continues to be "Bushel and a Peck" from Guys and Dolls.

His favorite toys are STILL blue bear, and a teething ring, 3d triangle with spinny parts that they also have at daycare, his activity center, a taggie ball and a brand-new guitar rattle that he got from Shammah and Cathy on Saturday.  Thanks guys!

We've now had rice cereal 3 times, squash 2 times, and apples 3 times.  It seems to be going a bit better, but he's still MUCH more interested in just nursing, so it's not really a priority at this point.  He's becoming a pro at taking his medicine (thank goodness!), but is also doing a bit better, so we'll probably be stopping that tomorrow and seeing how he does.

Bored with paying attention to the baby

If there was any doubt before, he is TEETHING.  STILL nothing through the gums, but he's drooling more than ever, and pretty fussy.  He can't suck long on anything without squealing, wants frozen teethers all the time, and is waking up a LOT.  This could also be because the house is entirely too cold for him.  We've been using sleepers inside of a sleep sack, but we just gave in and put a space heater in his room to try and up it a few degrees without completely killing our energy bill.  No worries, it's one of the extremely safe cool-to-touch ones, and we're turning it off as much as humanly possible.

Overall, Chris and I agree that this is our favorite month so far.  Sleep has been better (until he got sick and cold), he's so interactive, and better able to communicate what he wants.  Every day is a new adventure with my lil bundle of energy!


  1. I love his little smile in the first pic! Darling!

  2. So cute! Happy 5 months! The monthly pictures are just going to get harder and harder to do lol the curiosity always gets them.