Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday 5: Functional Changes to the Nursery

I know you've all seen the nursery in the past, but here are some functional changes we've made since having the Lion.  Some things just work better this way:

1)  I suppose this isn't entirely a change, but I've never shown the inside of his closet.  Obviously, there are hanging clothes, below is his bookself.  The top shelf has shoes, hats, and curtains we haven't hung yet.  Second shelf is books.  Third shelf is actually wipe storage.  Weird, I know.  In front of that is the laundry basket, with the lingerie bag for socks, washcloths, and bibs on top.  You don't want to be losing those!  It's actually deep to the left, so there is a box of large-size clothing, a bag of his toys (need to find a better way to store those), and hooks with various bags.

2)  His crib has been moved to an interior wall.  It was too cold against the exterior wall of our house, as we have some of the poorest insulation known to man.

3)  His humidifier.  This one rocks.  It does not have a filter that we need to change every other week, and you can set it to a humidity level, so that it doesn't run continuously.

4)  His space heater.  Also, like the humidifier, this is great because it has a programmable thermostat so that it doesn't run continuously.  It is set to 73.  It also has a remote that I joke we should leave in the crib so that Robby can adjust it as he needs to.

5)  We keep a storage bin under the futon to put away things he outgrows until it fills, and then it gets labelled and moved up to the attic.  This is a very sad bin.  Currently it hold 6 MONTH clothing.  I just want to get some wear out of things.  Is that so wrong?

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  1. The space heater is such a good idea! We have gone through like 3 different humidifiers and we haven't found we like yet!