Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Girly Socks"

So, there is a new item of clothing that didn't exist when we were children, and my mother cannot figure out what I'm talking about for the life of her, so here are some photos and a review.  I've only ever heard them referred to as the brand name - BabyLegs  However, they are essentially just leggings that happen to fit a baby, and apparently (as I learned from Kat's pinterest post) you can make them from children's knee-socks.

This is not sponsored in any way, but I did purchase a bunch of them when BabyLegs was running an insane 75% off sale.  One of the ladies in our facebook group posted it, and if our response was at all indicative of the general population?  BabyLegs may have regretted that sale.  And I think, in fact, it was as overwhelming as I suspected because they sent out multiple emails apologizing for the slow delivery because of the flood of orders.

Why are these items so great?  They allow you to change a diaper without taking off pants.  Also, they keep socks on, which, if you're a parent, I know you have spent WAY too many hours of your life looking for where a sock went.  Finally, they seem to be great things for crawling, because they don't ride up and get in the way.  I don't know if I'll use them too much this way, though, because they strike me as not as warm as pants.  They may eventually become a long-john type layer, though, when things get really frigid.

I was a little concerned about the sizing "One size fits most" because of the Lion's chunky monster-thighs.  Obviously, they still work fine, and aren't cutting off his circulation or anything.  He seems genuinely happy in them, even if his father insists on calling them "Girly Socks".  Gah.  They are OBVIOUSLY a boy pattern, Chris.  Get over it.

And, finally?  His new favorite game.  Which is hard to take a picture of, because it scares the living daylights out of me.  He wants to STAND to play with his activity mat.  Lil man is not so solid standing on his own.  He CAN hold himself up, but then he just decides to grab something else, or move, and that doesn't go so well.  This makes picture-taking difficult.  Ah well.  Still looking cute in his girly socks, though.


  1. I bought the Bubs a pair of black ones with red flames going up the side. Not girly at all!

  2. hahaha just say to your DH that they are leg warmers! We also caved and bought Eli 2 pairs! :)