Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking on Solid Food

Robby is only 4.5 months old, so this a post that is occurring a lot sooner than I thought it would.  We were planning on following the longer recommendation of 6 months, and still might for the most part, but here is where we stand.

As you all know, Robby is a HUGE tub o' somethin.  So the first requirement of doubling your birth weight was EASILY met.  What are the general recommendations before you even consider solids?

1)  Double your birth-weight
2)  Sit up well on your own (it can be supported, but they need good head control)
3)  Lose the tongue reflex
4)  Show an interest in food

Robby met (or exceeded) all the above requirements, and would practically leap out of your arms any time you were eating something in an effort to get to it.  He also was wanting to eat so much and so frequently that I was losing my mind a bit.  So as of the 4 month appointment, I discussed solids with the pediatrician.  His feelings were that I could go ahead, and he encouraged starting at least rice cereal before hitting 6 months.  He also gave me a schedule of starting with one serving of cereal a day for a week, then two the next week, then veggies, the fruit....fairly typical.  But he ultimately said it was up to me.

Later that week (almost 2 weeks after he turned 4 months), we tried giving him some rice cereal.  Nothin doin.  Robby wanted nothing to do with it.  Thought it was a little strange, but ok, he's not ready, we'll hold off.  Waited a week.

Earlier this week, he was driving me up the wall.  He was wanting to eat hourly, and I couldn't keep up.  I just had nothing left.  So, since I've been making baby food like it's going out of style (post for another day), I decided to pull out a cube of butternut squash.  Better known (at least in this house) as baby crack.  Robby DEVOURED it.  See above picture.  He was grabbing that spoon and pulling it towards him, unable to get it in fast enough.  Guess he takes after his grandpa with his love of squash.  Anyway, we have proven that it is merely that rice cereal tastes like garbage, not that he doesn't want solids.  And yes, Chris tried it, and I might have not gotten out the words, "That's mixed with breast milk" quick enough.  There's some controversy about rice cereal anyway, so we're holding off for now.  Breast fed babies should be getting enough iron, anyway, which is the biggest reason they encourage feeding it.

That is actually IT on the solid food front.  Those 2 times.  Other than the above picture.  We were at Panera and my mom only had eaten 1/2 her apple.  Robby was quite happy to lick the remainder.  Repeatedly.  And thoroughly.  It was pretty funny.  Apparently apples are on the "favorite" list, as well.

So, there ya go.  He's not REALLY eating solids yet, but he's had a couple of forays.  We're going to play it by ear for the time being.


  1. omg. poor chris. i bet he wont ever taste anything again! hahah!

  2. P absolutely LOVES butternut squash too!