Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Trials of Being a New Dad

It's rough being a new dad.  Your wife's a little nutty, and yet she's your best resource for what works to calm the kid down.  And you better believe you'll need to know it, because you're most likely to get handed said kid when he's fussy, or everyone's exhausted or, well, just sweltering hot.  

Sometimes Mom has just HAD it by the end of the day, and Dad ends up grilling dinner, while playing with the dog and carrying baby.  Just so Mom can get a shower, and decompress from fussy baby, exhaustion, and stuff she doesn't talk about on the blog.

As a new Dad you have to try and make sure the older "kids" don't feel neglected.

You may not wake up at night, but you work long hours to support everyone, and then come home to a wife that actually wants "adult conversation".  And food.  And every bit of energy you have left.

And will still set you up while you're napping to make you look neglectful... ;)

Love you, Chris!


  1. ohhhhhhhhh I LOVE the last picture! I wonder how single Moms do it!!!

  2. LOL I love it! Aww Chris....this is just the beginning. Wait until the inequality in chores, the "I work full time too now" arguments at 10pm, and the "I don't have time or energy to kiss you, can't you do ANYTHING on your own around here?" questions. Just kiddddding..... (I'm not ... but for his sake, let's say I am)

  3. Awww this is so cute! That last pic is hilarious.

  4. Stumbled on your blog today via Marriage Confessions. LOVE this post. I can totally relate to this with my husband and my 9 month old son! I'm a new follower :)