Monday, August 1, 2011

I Wish the Lion was a Little Less "Advanced"

Oh, don't be fooled into thinking he's advanced in any sort of way that indicates intelligence. Not that he's slow, either. He's a perfectly happy, normal little boy. Well, "little" is not the correct word. You already knew he was a giant chubster.

I forgot to tell you how he weighed in at the doctor!  At 2 months he was 90th percentile for weight (13 lbs 7 oz), 85th percentile for height (24"), and had an entirely normal head in the 55th percentile (which he obviously inherited from his father because I have a giant bobble head).  We also had to retire some 6 MONTH clothes this weekend.  VERY VERY wrong.

At least now, even if his swim shirt doesn't fit him anymore, he proved he can nap without a swaddler at the pool party this weekend.  Woo hoo!  A new world is opening up to us.  I am actually obscenely excited about this.

A less exciting "advanced" characteristic.  My 10 week old is teething.  NOT.  OBSCENELY.  EXCITED.  He is a fussy little curmudgeon, who wants to be on the boob every 1/2 hour.  Not to eat.  Oh no.  To gnaw.  Not so pleasant.  My mother finally believes me on the teething front after seeing his two front bottom teeth.  Unfortunately, squirmy babies that are screaming their heads off don't do so well when you try and photograph in their mouth.  So, here is a terrible picture in which I try to prove I'm not lying to you.  You can kind of see those two white spots in his lower gum.

I will now get back to the regularly scheduled programming of cuddling a little boy who has no idea why his world has been turned upside down.  I'll see you when the screaming stops.  (oh, wait, that was me)


  1. Oh no!!!!!! I have heard teething can be a nightmare! my nephew would teeth for months and then one would pop through just in time for the next to come through.

    I never once knew when Jackson was teething.... (all 4 molars came in one day. I was brushing and they were all there)..... so, therefore, I know I am in for it with wyatt ;)

  2. awww man :( 1- he is bigger than Peanut who is 6 months. And she hasn't started teething (I know, lucky me). Have you tried teething rings or pacis?