Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letting Loose

Robby's first day of daycare was Monday, and it went pretty much as expected.  He refused to take bottles, had trouble napping, and might have tired out some kind-hearted teachers.  It will improve, I have no doubt.  But on to the true nature of this post.  In an effort to help them out, we have stopped swaddling.

Swaddling had become a bit silly.  Robby would immediately pull his arms out, and occasionally a leg, then flip himself over.  The only thing the swaddler continued to be was a glorified blanket.

While the air conditioning or open windows on cooler nights can make things a BIT chilly, he certainly can do without the extra layer, since like his father, he is a sweaty little man.  And really?  I fear that he'll pull the swaddle up over his face.  So...goodbye.  He was even starting to outgrow this extra-large size, so it was time.

After about a week of this rolling-over-while-sleeping stuff, last night was our trial run.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm kinda tired today.  It did involve a lot of re-inserting of pacifiers, and standing over the crib to see if he was just fussing in his attempt to roll, or fussing because he was waking up.  We survived, though, and I will continue to try this from today on.

The schedule last night?  Robby napped all evening after daycare because he was STARVING and as soon as he had gorged himself, he passed out (waking to feed a couple times).  By STARVING, you have to interpret that in fat-boy terms.  He DID take 3 2-oz bottles at daycare, but blew through another 2 that they had to dispose of because he wouldn't take them.  Fortunately, we suspected that that would be the case, which is why we made the bottles so small to begin with.  See?  We were thinking.  So, really?  Not SO bad.

He finally woke up from his "naps" at 8:10 pm, at which point he got a bath and put on his pj's.  I also started pretending that he was going to go to sleep.  He nursed, and we hung out in his darkened room.  Forever.  Alright, only until about 9:10 when I managed to get him down.

During the night, he 1/2 awoke at 12, we popped the pacifier in a million times until 1 while he rolled, and I half dozed on his futon.  He nursed and had a diaper change at 1.  Fell asleep.  At 3:30, we did the same routine.  An hour of pacifier popping, followed by nursing and diaper change, down at 4:30.  He woke up for the day at 6:50, though he went into the eat/play/nap routine pretty quick.  Really, not all that terrible, but more awake time for ME than I would have liked.  ;)    


  1. sorry to hear he wasn't a good sleeper. It semes like babys regress in their good sleep habits. I think its b/c the teeth start giving them troubles.

    Glad to hear that daycare over all went well! Good job!!!

  2. This sounds hard :( I'm sorry