Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Lion at 3 Months

Growing up so fast!  The Lion is now 3 months old!  And as you can see, the growing has not slowed down one bit.  He continues to be a chunky monkey, and has made great strides for a baby.  As for my best guess...he's weighing in around 15 pounds, now, and wears 6 month clothing, though some of that has been retired.

This month the Lion is becoming a person.  He talks back, laughs, reacts to what's going on around him, and OH does he have opinions.  One day, Chris and Robby were watching some football clips on daddy's laptop (yes, it was as ridiculous as it sounds), and they changed the background music to something hard rock.  You would've thought Robby was being tortured!  The SHRIEK that came out of him!  I guess we do not have a rocker on our hands.

The Lion will happily hold toys now, and bring them up to put in his mouth.  His favorites are a blue bear and his Tigger.  When on the activity mat, he has to be near the penguin or the frog, so that he can grab them.  So far the fur-babies are still safe, and have not had their hair grabbed.

We still aren't rolling over much.  He's done it both back to front and front to back, but it's not consistent.  Tummy time is getting a little less painful, though.  He still cries, but not as much.

Other favorite activities are reading (Green Eggs and Ham is his favorite, and he will talk back animatedly), going for walks in his stroller, STANDING (all day every day), baths, and watching the puppy and kitty.  Oh, and TELEVISION.  BOO!  I always said I wouldn't let my kid watch television.  And you know what?  He will crank his head around like a contortionist to try and see whatever is on.  Bah.

Sleeping and eating are ROUGH right now.  I believe he's in the middle of his 3 month growth spurt, so we never go longer than 2 1/2 hours between feedings.  Even at night.  I am tired.  Please end soon.  But otherwise?  I love my chunker, and am not looking forward to daycare next week!


  1. Are those little monthly ties! They are adorable :)

  2. How sweet... love love love the chunky monkey!

  3. what a big guy! SO CUTE! and LOL that he doesn't like the hard core rock ;0

  4. Oh my gosh, he is sooo adorable! I love chubby babies, they are the best!!!! I love to pinch cheeks (like a crazy aunt) ha ha!