Monday, September 12, 2011

Our First Sick Day

This weekend wasn't so fun.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible, but I won't be bragging about it in years to come.  Why?  Both Robby and I got a pretty nasty cold.  Not the flu, not the plague, just a nasty cold where you blow your nose 5 million times and want to take naps.  But you're not allowed to take naps with a baby.  That's when they burn the house down and children's services comes and finds you.  So I suffered.

And you know what's worse?  If you're nursing you can't take any of the good drugs.  And by "good drugs" I mean things like NyQuil or Sudafed.  You know, crack.  ;)  Taking some Ibuprofen and Benedryl when I have a couple hours before he'll want to eat again just doesn't cut it.  Almost makes you want to stop breastfeeding.  But, the poor kid is only 3 months old, so there's really NOTHING he can take.  He can take infant Tylenol if he has a fever, but he didn't, so he was limited to saline spray (which we actually didn't use), and a nose sucker.  The kid actually really enjoys the nose sucker. We have an electronic one and it kind of buzzes, so he cracks up when you use it.

Furthermore, Chris went to State College for the Alabama game.  No, I am not criticizing that.  I encouraged him to go.  His birthday is today (Happy birthday, hun!) and he deserved it.  But I do feel a tiny bit of smug satisfaction that he now has the cold.  Even if he was helpful and actually woke up once with the kiddo on each Friday and Saturday.  That is big ya'll.  1) Chris doesn't hear him.  So, yeah, I had to kick him, but still.  2) Those would be the first 2 times he's ever gotten out of bed to take care of him.  So, you know he was taking pity on me.  Well, and that Robby no longer is getting fed every time he wakes up.  Since 99% of the times he wakes up it is because he crawled to the end, bashed his head on the bars, and lost his pacifier.  So you just need to move him and plug it back in, again.  

OK, I know he doesn't look sick.  Swear he was.  He did great being back at daycare today, and we have big news tomorrow.


  1. hmmm, big news?? :) Hope you all feel better soon!!

  2. aww you poor guys!!! I hope you get better asap. I absolutely hate getting sick and Peanut being sick at the same time. It kills me to watch her suffer.

  3. get well soon!!! i have been sick this week too and it SUCKED!!!