Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Lion is on the Prowl

Ok, saying we had news probably made people jump to all sorts of conclusions.  I promise you, whatever you thought?  Probably wasn't that.

Take a look at this picture.  Something is wrong with it:

There USED to be a baby on the blanket.  Where did the baby go?

Aha!  There you are!  As of yesterday, we now have a speed roller.  At 3.5 months.  I was always terrified that my kid would be doing this early, but I never thought it would be THIS early.  I did it at 4.5.  Ugh.  Time to start babyproofing.

Here he is rolling in the video.  He is GREATLY objecting at this point since he had been doing it for awhile and was tired.  I swear he's usually quite a bit quicker.  Sigh.


  1. Uh oh!!! And once they start moving a bit they just don't stop. I fear for the day B starts walking.

  2. Ohh, he is definitely on the move! Good luck Mom!

  3. Crazy!!!!! Peanut started crawling last week. She's 7.5 months and we were told it's early!