Friday, October 29, 2010

While I Was Sleeping

Last night was entirely too eventful for a time when I should have just been asleep.  Chris is out of town.  He takes his PE test today....duh duh duh...good luck!  He NEEDS to pass this time around.  He was soooo close last time, and just couldn't take another round of studying.  And...I'd prefer (selfishly) to have him not spending every evening and weekend shut away in the den.

Anyway, it was me and the fur-babies...  First up?  Harper would not stop trying to sleep on the bed.  She takes up more room than Chris!  And insists on practically laying on top of you.  This is compounded by Monster already sleeping up there and hissing at him continuously.  Not fun.

Next?  A smoke detector started it's "low battery beep" around 12:30.  I was betting on the 3rd floor hallway one since it had gone off 2 days ago, so I pulled it.  Then, of course, Harper was awake and had to go outside.  Come back in, try to sleep.  Nope.  Not the right smoke detector.  Ok, I pull the 2nd floor one.  Try to sleep.  Nope.  Still beeping.  At this point I give up, and let the dog freak herself out.  Somehow I started to sleep through them.  In a house with 4 stories and, I believe, 6 smoke alarms, it would've taken way too long to narrow it down.

Then...I hear horrible yowling.  Ok, Monster's a Siamese, and pretty frequently will walk around squawking, but this didn't stop.  I get up.  The baby gate had slid down the doorway and trapped him in the guest bedroom with his litter box.  (It's there because of the basement being torn apart for renovations.)  Of course, the stinker had also not done a good job of covering his business, and the whole place STUNK.  But, ok.  Rescue the cat, go back to bed.

FINALLY...I should admit I was awake for this one.  The plaza next to us started mowing the lawn outside my window at 7:20am.  Yup.  Noise ordinance definitely prohibits this prior to 8.  So, first tactic?  Go outside in bathrobe, stare them down, and let the scary-looking German Shepherd bark at them.  Did nothing.  Next?  Start calling the Borough zoning office.  Who were actually very helpful and sent someone out to talk to them.  Chris may not love this, though, as his office acts as partial township engineer...sorry if you hear about this later, hun!

So...long night.  Cranky morning.  Hopefully not a long day! 

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  1. So so sorry! All I have to deal with at night is a husband who forgets we're married and tries to squash me every night.