Friday, October 8, 2010

Oh, you didn't come to visit the dog?

Harper has begun to see herself as the hostess with the most-ess...though perhaps our guests do not feel the same.  It is not the norm, but we have had people over every day for a week now.  This ranges from my grandparents as overnight guests, to contractors looking at the basement.  Regardless of who the visitor is, though, Harper feels it is her job to occupy their time.  Exclusively. 

Take for example, Matt used as a pillow:

Or, holding court with the grandparents:

Last night, I was babysitting our friends' children (ages, I think, 8 months and 2 1/2), and I ended up having to put her up in her crate because she would NOT quit licking them.  It's not that she's not's that she's TOO friendly.  Hmm...  So, we are now on a mission to 1) Re-break the couch habit, 2) Tone down the licking (sorry Chris), and 3) Stop all jumping once and for all.  Feel free to laugh at our ambition.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing how it is you plan to do this lol. I will be taking notes.

  2. We had to break the couch habit for ours when the boy was born. It went surprisingly well. The jumping however, is another story. I'll let you know if we ever have success with that!

    (that last picture is pretty funny, she looks like she's totally having a conversation there)