Monday, February 22, 2010

A Romantic Valentine

So, a few weeks ago, many of you may have enjoyed a swoon-worthy day full of wine, chocolate and roses...  Or maybe that's just television people.  I don't know.  It wasn't me.  That's not a fair statement.  Chris sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers to my office on Friday, and then claimed that there was another part of my present.  Sure, Chris, ok.

Saturday rolls around, I had already given Chris his chocolates early, and I decided that since his BIG, FABULOUS, SECRET present was still coming, I better get him something else.  And I better go grocery shopping if I wanted anything cooked for dinner.  (He's sweet enough to cook it, but brave the crowds armed with shopping carts?  You've got to be kidding.)  I wandered around Best Buy for a little bit (the kid is a tech-junkie), picking up random things, putting them back, picking them up again....  Generally scratching my head and trying to dodge persistent salesmen.  Finally, I decided we had wanted a nice dSLR camera for the LONGEST time, and intended to get one for the honeymoon anyway, so Chris was getting the uber-expensive camera for Valentines.  (Yet, I have no pictures in this post, go figure.)

Of course, Chris hates surprises, so he got an unwrapped camera in a Best Buy bag the second I walked in the door.  He was psyched, but looked quite scared.  We now have taken about 5 MILLION puppy and cat pictures testing out various settings.  Thank goodness they're willing models.

Sunday, Chris cooked a truly lovely meal of filet mignon in a wine and mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Unfortunately, he used lots of butter and milk, and I spent the rest of the night sick.  He tries, but forgets about the lactose-intolerant thing sometimes.  Thought that counts, right?

FINALLY, Tuesday, I think it was, a package arrives.  In it?  The bathing suit I had talked about buying to shame myself into working out even more.  It's really a great suit.  Fits me perfectly right now.  Hope it's falling off soon!  My real dilemma, though, was whether or not to share the photos of myself in said bikini.  Obviously, I have decided against it.  Believe me, it's not pretty.  Maybe once there's an impressive "after" shot.  Maybe never.  I mean, what if I want to run for president? 

Anyway, that's my long over-due run down of our Valentine's Day.  I promise to post some pictures from the new camera soon.  It really is wonderful.

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