Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make-up? I don't need no stinkin' make-up.

Ok, complete and total lie.  I need make-up.  I just don't always WEAR it.  AGES ago, Whitney over at Glamlife Housewife posted a challenge to post what's in our make-up bag.  I keep forgetting to take pictures, but here's some of the items.  By no means am I paid to say any of this, and if I were, the companies would be asking for their money back because I'm really not a huge fan of most of the things I use. 

Something I use, and like, and start my day with.  Neutrogena lotion with SPF.  Hey, I'm a pasty white girl.  Gotta protect from the sun.

Next up?  Almay Pure Blends Foundation.  It's alright.  Matches pretty well.  Got it when I was on a "green" kick and didn't want all the extra junk in the make-up.  Full disclosure:  I use ivory (pasty).

Ok, something I LOVE.  But, still isn't PERFECT.  Milani Black Magic Eye Liner.  Oh, it goes on so SMOOTHLY.  It's fantastic.  BUT it does smudge pretty easily.
The lipstick I wear doesn't seem to be made anymore (maybe I should get a new one?).  It's Clinique Blushing Coral.  Of course I have about 20, but that's my favorite.  Followed closely by a Cargo gloss that also seems to not be made anymore.  Alright.  Need to shop. 

For my eyes, I tend to use the Sonia Kashuk Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette.  Gives a descent variety of work-appropriate shades. 

Finally, alright, guess I like a lot of my make-up.  I LOVE this mascara.  It rocks.  Admittedly, I have long, thick lashes to start, but this really pops them.  Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara.
So, there's my not-so-expert opinions on make-up.  But it works for me.

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  1. I used to use that Neutrogena moisturizer too. It's probably the best drugstore brand I've tried - not gunky at all!

    Have you tried Revlon Colorstay eyeliner? That's the only pencil I'll use. It's better even than MAC or Smashbox if you ask me. I have it in black and brown.