Friday, October 9, 2009

Congrats Quynh and Kyle!

So, last weekend we did something startling, amazing, write-on-the-calendar worthy...we did not work on the house. Well, not on Saturday (we did when we got home on Sunday, we're hopeless). We went out of town, and celebrated two fantastic people getting married. Quynh "what's in fun coke" and Kyle "that's what she said". Oh, I could go on and on with favorite moments from these lovebirds, but I probably want to keep them as friends. Maybe. Oh, alright, I'll give you another one from Quynh that she posted in her status message for awhile.

One night Quynh and I were walking back from a pub when we were living in Ireland, with but slightly ahead of a large group of people. Quynh, per the norm, had had a few drinks, and was wearing giant heels. Crossing the campus lawn, she WIPED out and fell flat on her face. She popped up, turned to me, and asked, "Did anyone see that?" ...And of course no one had. That's Quynh, embarrassing herself and getting away with it for 29 years.

She did NOT embarrass herself with choice of husband, however. Even if he became king of the dance floor (which we were not anticipating). Kyle is that poem "Love is patient, love is kind, etc..." He is the yin to Quynh's yang. Where Quynh is the cheerleader with the bullhorn, Kyle is the male cheerleader holding her up. Though slightly less flamboyant. And hopefully not looking up her skirt. That's just tacky.

Anyway, we had a great time at the wedding, and here are some pictures to prove it.

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