Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who me?

My grandparents have a friend named Barbara.  Barbara is the stereotypical image of a German woman in her 70's.  She is tall, fair, and powerful.  She also has an incredibly effusive personality, and can sometimes overwhelm those around her with her exuberance.  She has always been quite fond of my Grandfather.

One morning this past weekend, as Chris and I were walking Harper, we passed Barbara's house, and she rushed out to greet us, coo over the dog, and join us on our morning jaunt.  As we approached my grandparents' cottage, Harper ran over to my Grandfather to give him a big lick on his head at the same moment that Barbara called out, "Good morning, George!"  Without pause, my Grandfather gushed, "Hi, Baby!"...in reference to the dog.  Barbara was so startled that for a moment she was actually at a loss for words.   

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