Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night at the P's

I'm sorry I left the 2 of you without your daily dose of my ramblings.  Ok, there's more than 2.  But, Philly?  I'm not making money here.  Thank goodness I don't live within the city limits where they have been tracking down bloggers.  Truly ridiculous, unless you're one of the blogging divas, and we all know who they are.

Anyway, here is a typical Friday night at our house.  I must warn you, that I am on my 2nd gin and tonic, and it is 5:45 pm.  Typical Fridays involve Chris working a half day, and me coming home to FREEDOM.  He cooks dinner, I get handed a drink, and typically, there is Dave Matthews on in the background.  However, tonight, I won and we plugged in my iPod, which usually means dance music (right now?  It's K$sha - Tic Toc), but immediately, it started playing DMB.  ARGH!  No escape!

Chris has set up a projection screen in the back yard to see at exactly what level of darkness this will work to show the football game.  He is hoping to be able to watch Penn State vs. Alabama on the big screen during his 30th birthday party in a couple weeks.  We'll see.  So far, it's a little faint, but we're hoping to watch the Phillies at 7?  7:30?  Something. 

I am supposed to be feeding the dog.  She is currently spoiled on a diet of boiled chicken and rice since she has an infection of the upper digestive track and is on antibiotics.  This has kept us up all night a few nights this week, and made my only thoughts about dog poo, which I was sure you didn't want to see a post about.

And...images of the night so far:

My biggest wish?  That we actually had friends in the area.  We moved in quite a few months ago now, but really don't know anyone that can just "stop by".  So I ramble to you.  And wish our friends were closer.  Anyway, good night and have one for me!


  1. The only people we have close enough to stop by are my brother and sister in law since they live in our neighborhood. Not the most welcome thing in the world. LOL But, yea, I feel your pain on wanting friends that live closer. Our closest friends are almost an hour away and I hate it.

    Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  2. Btw - that was me on the last comment. For some reason I couldn't put in my name. Odd.

  3. That looks like a great night - and at least you have each other.

    And a dog.

    And a drink.

    See? That's a lot!

  4. love the g&t, my hubs loves those.