Thursday, August 5, 2010

Secret Reader

Every blogger knows that she has secret readers.  Sometimes we have suspicions who they might be, and other times, they are just numbers that appear on our counters.  And sometimes we find out we are absolutely wrong when someone we assume had been reading for awhile tells you they just started and are enjoying it!  (which means I have a city out there that completely mystifies me)

This is not my attempt to flush all of you out.  I love trying to guess who you are.  This IS my time to confess, though.  I am a frequent commenter on blogs.  But, I don't usually comment on blogs of people I know.  Or rather knew.  And don't talk to anymore, usually for innocent reasons.  Two prime examples?  And two blogs worth reading?

A Quick Remark - Anhtuan's insightful blog which also includes a captivating saga about his parents' journey to the United States during the Vietnam war.  

The Mother Runner - Liz (ok, I don't know Liz, but she's married to my HS friend Micah)'s take on running, healthy living, and raising her two adorable boys.

I also don't comment on the absolute best blog that I read.  This is because NO ONE comments on this blog.  I find it impossible to believe that no one else reads, because Ruth is so stinkin' funny.  She also has twin daughters named Harper and Piper, which, obviously are the names of my dog and my grandparents' dog, so just gotta love it.  Go over and check out:

So, there's my confession.  I could confess to a lot more, but small steps people, small steps.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I'm a secret reader, too.

  2. Yes you are a loyal commenter - a fact appreciated by many bloggers I assure you. :)

  3. Thanks SOOO much for the shout out!!

    I'm slowly working through your blog and I love it!!