Friday, August 6, 2010

TROUBLE with a capital T

We do not like Sears.  Not one little bit.  We have had too many issues to count.  The current issue involves our lawn mower.  When we moved into the new house last July, we needed something to trim our tiny little 0.1 acre.  No joke.  Postage-stamp size yard.  We bought an admittedly cheap Craftsman, but really?  Postage stamp.  It died within a week.  7 days.  Some itty bitty number of hours.  We took it back to Sears, and they DID replace that hunk-o-junk.  With the same model.  Which they told us had been discontinued.  Yes, BRIGHT RED lights should have been flashing.

Jump forward one year.  It died again.  OHHHH were we peeved.  I even refused to go to Sears with Chris because I knew there would be yelling and nastiness.  They tried to refuse to do anything, but eventually Chris's logical argument of "There is a 2 year warranty included on this mower" won.  Though they did still warn us that they might charge us if it wasn't a manufacturer's defect.  BAH

Chris is now studying for test number 5 million 32.  Therefore, I get all the fun little errands.  I went to pick up the lawnmower and took the dog with me.  However, because she was so scared of the loud growly thing, she refused to sit in the back with it, after it had been loaded in the car.  She immediately jumped up front and refused to move.  I immediately  called Chris and told him he had to take pictures of this ridiculousness when we pulled in. 


Oh, and isn't my new baby (the car) pretty?  I'm still loving it.  Still need to write about the wonders of the Chevy Traverse.  Later.

Do you have any stores you're loving or hating right now?


  1. I used to work for Sears (incidentally doing troubleshooting on the phone for tractors and lawnmowers!) and I've seen firsthand how bad they treat customers. It's terrible. I'd never make any big purchases from them.

  2. We JUST BOUGHT A CRAFTSMAN MOWER FROM SEARS! OH NO! Our lawn mower of 5 years just died so we found a great deal at Sears and who can say no to the 2 year warranty. Crap...

  3. Oh, we did say no to the ADDITIONAL warranty, but there was an included one. (Thank you, God) Hope they've solved some of the problems for your sake!

  4. Katy,
    I'm sorry to hear about your experience and the traumatic effect on your German Shepard. I hope that the issues with your mower have been resolved. If not please feel free to contact me
    Thank you,
    Tammie Josifovic
    Twitter: @BlueLGCrew