Friday, August 20, 2010

Top Five Friday: Reasons to Question My Intelligence

Oh, my.  There are so many reasons to wonder if I remembered to turn my brain on in the morning, but here are some classics...starting with today.

5)  As I opened my new bottle of conditioner, only then did I realize that I had used bodywash on my hair for the past couple months.  It actually didn't look as bad as you might have thought.

4)  In 6th grade I went skiing for the first time.  SNOW skiing that is.  My Girl Scout troop convinced me that since I was a decent water-skiier, I would be able to handle snow without difficulty.  This led me to try an intermediate hill on my first run.  I made it down the slope just fine...I just stopped by crashing into a picnic table.

3)  My junior year of high school, I took a nose dive down a 2 story flight of stairs in front of the entire student population heading into the science wing.  I only stopped myself by grabbing onto a friend I saw as I tumbled by, almost taking her with me.  The school cop was also in the stair way, and miraculously, rubber treads appeared on the steps the next day.

2)  I allowed my professor (and advisor) to call me Dana for a full two semesters.  My maiden name is the same name as the actress.  He just got a little confused.  And must have wondered why Dana never turned in her papers for 2 semesters.

1)  Also my junior year of high school, I believe, my father took my brother and I with him on a business trip to Switzerland.  While there, we went skiing in the alps.  I had never been on a t-bar lift, and my father had only been on one a couple times.  My father sat down first, a little skakily, and tipped the lift at an odd angle.  I still tried to load.  This did not go well.  I made it about half way up the slope, then fell off, nowhere near the trail, and had to walk down as people yelled things at me in German.  Maybe it's better that way.  At least I didn't know what they were saying. 

Now that I've owned up to some embarrassing moments showing questionable intelligence...what about you?

Do you have any funny, questionable moments to share?


  1. Since being pg I've been losing my mind, which is usually extremely sharp! The other day I walked in to work wearing two different shoes and brought sour cream instead of cream cheese for my bagel.

  2. So fun to read! I have my share. Even this past week at my alterations appt. I was sitting in the changing room because I thought the alterations lady came in there. I had my tent of a dress on waiting, waiting, waiting. Decided to snap a picture for the blog, prayed, did other random things in my purse. Suddenly...knock knock..."are you ok??" Apparently I was supposed to go out to the BIG mirror and podium I saw on my way in. Duh!