Monday, August 9, 2010


I just ran across some old photos that I never posted, so why not?  Harper's finally well behaved enough that I can look back at puppy-hood with fond amusement.  She no longer chews the coffee table until we have to cover it with hot sauce.  She is fairly well behaved on a leash (We'll ignore her tendency to bark at other dogs to say hi.  People don't interpret GSD barking positively.).  We're running out of tricks to teach her.  Can't wait for her to turn 1 so we can start agility.  She's already 10 MONTHS.  Can't believe it.  So...I'm getting that urge for something small and cuddly.  Chris was very nervous when he got texted pictures of a kitten a couple days ago.  You better believe I was close to bringing her home.  "Her name was Lola"...yes, I sang that for days.  Good thing I didn't.  Monster isn't nice to other cats. 

Look how tiny she was!!!  I can't get over it. 

To today...she's a bohemoth!

We reached a very big milestone yesterday.  She finally went into heat!  Now, don't worry, we are not breeding her or being irresponsible.  Harper was not fully developed as a puppy, so had a series of urinary tract infections.  When this happens, both our vet and breeder recommended that she go through one cycle so that she can develop past this issue. 

How are we dealing with it?  Currently, we blocked off the kitchen with a sofa (I will have to take a picture, it's funny) and she hangs out there.  Thank goodness we got the backyard fenced because it will be a lifesaver (though she can't be out there alone).  The part I'm the most worried about is walking her.  It has to happen.  She has too much energy to be cooped up for THREE WEEKS.  I just will be choosing off times, off routes, and avoiding dogs at all costs.  I'd heard about using tighty-whities with pads (and a hole cut in the back) to help keep your house a little clean, but my co-worker just told me that they make doggie diapers now, too!  I may be stopping by a pet store on the way home!

Moving on, in the same file with the puppy photos, we took some that might get one of Chris's groomsmen in trouble (sorry!).  It was so cute and funny, though.  He and his son came over to take our Christmas photo, and his toddler was jealous of the dog chasing the dad sent him to fetch various dog toys.  Here are a couple of shots of him hanging out in the crate.  We were dying!

Isn't it great how memories get so much shinier the more time goes by?


  1. I love that last statement about memories. Things always do look better looking back. Important to remember when we're freaking out over something minute in the now.

    Your pup is too cute! And wow she grew fast.

  2. SUCH an adorable dog - I hope she (and all of you!) make it through her heat quickly and cleanly!