Saturday, August 7, 2010

So you think you're vegetarian?

Oh, I am the worst role model, I really am.  I try, I stop, I start, I try again.  The first time I became a vegetarian I was 8 years old.  My family went out to eat at a Greek restaurant and there was a pig roasting on a spit in the window.  Not only did I not eat meat that night, but for some period of time that I don't recall.  Also, I have never been to a pig roast where I had to see the spit since.  I even skipped a friend's graduation party because of it.  I wasn't a vegetarian at the time, but I couldn't handle it.  I did go to the luau on my honeymoon but did not go anywhere near the pit.  Chris went and took pictures of the carving, but I stayed at the table.

It didn't seem unusual to me, even at that early age, because I had an aunt, whom I adored, that was vegetarian, and my immediate family didn't over-indulge.  I was one of the few elementary-schoolers bringing hummus for lunch in the early 80's.  I was teased mercilessly, but it's delicious, so phooey on you mean little rugrats. 

The second serious attempt I made, which fared a little better, and lasted a good part of two years, was in 7th grade.  I was not a nice vegetarian at this point.  I made horrible comments to my friends at lunch, and they probably should have just left me to eat on my own.  Sorry, guys!  It was middle school.

I don't need to go into my on-and-off again routine since then.  It's embarrassing and would take up entirely too much room.  Needless to say that while I feel that it would greatly benefit my health and my sanity, I'm not always able to follow through.  My cholesterol's too high, my stomach can't process animal fats or lactose, we try to be environmental, and I generally am disturbed by the idea of eating meat.  You'd think this would be enough reasons.

Where am I today?  For about a month I've been pretty good.  There have been a couple meat meals.  No excuses, it happened.  There's also still a little fish in my life.  Not sure that's going away any time soon.  Not much, but maybe once a week.

Chris has been very supportive.  He's always been open to vegetarian meals about 4 dinners a week.  For the other 3, we usually eat out once, and the other two we supplement a meal in some way.  Either we grill, and he has meat and I have a veggie or veggie burger, or there is a side of animal protein that can be added to his stir-fry, tacos, etc...  It has actually been working fairly well.  His mother was startled though to learn that her son didn't have meat for dinner half the time.  I still don't think she believes it's possible.

I'm still going to try.  And hopefully it will become easier.  Generally, I feel so much better when I'm on the bandwagon, that it shouldn't be as much of a struggle as it is.  One day at a time.      


  1. I actually think it sounds like you're doing pretty well. "Moderation in everything" is a good motto.

    As for me? Bacon keeps me from even considering vegetarianism.

  2. Oh! Bacon's been my downfall more than once!


    I cook veggie meals for my friend but me - I love me some meat! lol

  4. I just found your blog and I'm enjoying it Katy. I am hoping I'm the vegetarian aunt you adored as a child. But really, "had" an aunt? You can't ditch me!