Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harper is in Trouble

To tell the story, I have to admit that, yes, I'm a bum and was still bra-less and in my pajamas at 11am.  Embarassing but true.  I was just doing laundry, sue me.  Chris was outside with the dog digging the area to put a sidewalk in between the driveway and the concrete pad by our side door.  He had to slightly open the gate to get that section dug. 

Harper LOVES cats.  No, she doesn't want to eat them, like everything else, she wants to play with them.    She saw one outside the gate and chased after it.  I was upstairs and heard Chris screaming at her.  I ran down the flights of stairs, and out the my shorts, tanktop, and ...way too much jiggling.  Harper had already made it across the street into our neighbor's yard.

So now, we have a dog, who's in heat, that's faster than an Olympic sprinter, not wearing her collar that has tags on it, and loose in the neighborhood.  We both take off after her.  Chris all comfortable in his sneakers and clothing, and me?  Well, barefoot, booty shorts, and the rest. 

She ran towards the shopping plaza.  Oh, crap.  First, she headed into the woods next to the grocery store, and towards the clearing.  Chris suggested that I run out across the parking lot, and try and head her off at the pass.  I suggested that I don't want to run in public in my current state.  But he didn't bother to go up there, either.  Rather follows me, as I sprint across the grass, sticks, leaves, and entirely too much 

It was starting to hurt, and Harper went down into a mucky culvert.  This is HEAPED with garbage, and I had images of stepping on an infected needle.  At this point, yes, I took another path to trap her from the other side.  But there were no grocery shoppers to witness.  She started to turn away from me, and I took one more mighty sprint and managed to grab her.  Chris then came up, furious, picked her up and carried her the block home.  I came upstairs to vent and blog this.  After putting her diaper back on.  Serves you right, bratty girl.

Oh, final note.  She fell down the stairs Wednesday night and hurt her front, right leg.  So you'd think she'd be slower...  God help us if she ever gets out not injured!


  1. omg sorry but i have to laugh hehe and I too don't put on a bra unless it is an absolute necessity lol

  2. I go without a bra and in pjs most days. Or in workout clothes. Shhh. ;)

    What an ordeal with the dog. Yikes!