Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day +1

Because I have a moment, and who knows when that will next happen, I guess I should mention that we're expecting another little whirlwind October 23. 

That puts me at about 16.5 weeks. I have had a comparatively easy pregnancy this round and am doing well. I was sooooo sick with Robby and figured I was cursed, but was only mildly this time. Which contributed to...I have gained entirely too much weight. I've got to slow down or will really regret it. 

My cravings are very different. Biggest one is tomatoes. They were even an aversion last time!  I have to start slowing there, though, because my good friend heartburn is already back. 

Really the only struggle has been I threw my back out about a month ago and that was pretty awful for awhile. After many chiropractor visits, I'm doing well now, though. 

So, I'm pretty happy this Mother's Day, with my 1.5, and grateful as always for my wonderful mom, who is hanging out with her other grand-kid in progress. :)

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